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Bullet canceling
You can cancel most of the bullets with the Snake Beam and your Super Waves, do not hesitate to use them to clean the screen.

Nuclear Wheel Bombs
Those bombs are powerful thanks to the autofire and you have an extra protection in Wheel mode. They can be really effective on some flying bosses.

A lot of generators are hidden so shot in every directions to find them. Furthermore the 4th item generated can be useful (Silent Flash, Energy Up or Time Up) so check every generator you find.

Enemy uses

Enemy Use
GunLord Enemy Bounce Sprite
You can bounce one time from those enemies (walking and flying ones). It gives you extra height to your jump if you keep the B button pressed while bouncing.
GunLord Enemy Platform Sprite
Those huge enemies can be used as platform without taking damage.
GunLord Enemy Ceiling Sprite
Those enemies falling from the ceiling can be used as platform too. You have to lure them and ride them when they go up, just be careful to not be crushed by the ceiling.

Wheel Secret Paths
Some narrow secret paths can only be found in Wheel mode. You can search for them by shooting walls and see if the shots pass through them.