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GunLord Wheel Sprite

Press down and B on the ground to activate Wheel mode (or when hanging on to a vertical wall).

To exit Wheel mode just push the stick up.

The Wheel is always moving really fast and will bounce on every wall if you don't control it. To stay in specific spot you have to alternate left and right really quickly, or you can also stick yourself in a corner by pressing the joystick against the wall. You can still jump with B button.
The wheel gives you an extra protection, so you can pass through shots and some enemies. But you aren't invincible, every hit inflicts damage to your Wheel. If it takes too much damage without having time to regenerate, the protection will nullify and you will lose 1 HP.
The Wheel inflicts damage to every enemies you touch. You can also lay bombs with A button to inflict more damage (the autofire works for bombs too).
Special features
In Wheel mode, the regeneration of the Snake Beam gauge is stopped. The timers for Power Shots are also frozen. You can pass through a small amount of destroyable blocks horizontally, spamming jumps can help to move through them. If you are stuck use bombs.