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This page is a dictionary for GunZ-specific terms. For more general terminology, see Multiplayer/Glossary.


All Kill
a kill animation where in team mode you kill every player on the opposing team
Also known as Unholy, a Dungeon boss that casts magic. This boss is hard. To execute Aneramon you must have a Mysterious Skull and a Skeleton Doll from level 3.
Armor Points. This is similar to HP, However, it stops some of the HP from dropping. Once it's down, you take a full hit. Very smaller than the HP gauge.
a mode where a team must kill a certain player on the opposing team
Attack and Defense
game of Team Deathmatch or Assassination where people take turns attacking and defending
Auto Gun
Guns that continuously shoot. Examples are machine guns, submachine guns, rifles,


Battle Arena
Stage in Deathmatch where the whole area is similar to that of a Roman colesseum, and there is an underground path under the arena. However, this place has a small suicidal place.
a mode where one person has extreme power over everyone else and can refill their HP when someone is killed by them. However, the berserker can be passed on to the person who killed the berserker.
Bow Rule
Common rule in matches where before attacking, both players must bow and do their "/salute".
Broken Golem
Fairly tough Prison boss. By using a High-Class Gear or Broken Gear and a Kobold Doll, you can summon him.


motion where you stand in one spot, take out your auto gun, and shoot from there.
Huge castle area in Deathmatch. Very common place. Can only be played in the Expert Channel and above.
Small Dungeon room for Duel match. Similar to the pillar room in the Dungeon quest.
Clan War
a mode where clans pit themselves against another clan.
Classic Mode
match where everyone only attacks using guns.
Crimson's Necklace. An item found by killing the Elder Goblin. Using this and a Goblin Skull can pit you against the Goblin King.
Cursed Corpses
four handed skeleton that casts magic and appears in level 3 and up. A bigger version is Aneramon or Unholy.


quick attacking melee weapon that can stab people using the right click to stun them.
move where with a melee weapon you will swiftly freely move.
Devil's Dictionary. An item rewarded from defeating Aneramon/Unholy. If placed as a sacrifice item with Enormously Huge Skull you can fight the Lich.
quest where players must head through an underground labyrinth destroying all skeletons
area where all rooms lead to a circular path all over the underground path. Can only be played in the Expert Channel and above.


Enormously Huge Skull. An item rewarded from defeating Superion. With this item and Devil's Dictionary, you can fight the Lich.
Elder Goblin
One of the mightiest goblins you will see only in level 3 or above. It can slow you down and shoot fireballs at you.
A kill animation where one person must kill a certain amount of people and do lots of damage or if you killed someone with full HP.
Experience. Determines how much points you have earned from fighting. Measured as %. If your EXP is 100%, you will level up.
Shows that you are very familiar with the techniques in a room and can do them right.


Flashbang Grenades
Fairly annoying types of grenades where it takes a long time for it to explode. When it does, it casts a white screen on the opponent's screen, making it unable to see or hear anything for an amount of time. Players can only be effected when they look at the grenade at the point where it explodes.


Small arena where there is a high pillar and a small statue in the center. Some paths inside can lead to the underground hallway. Some rooms here are in the Mansion quest.
Type of match mode where everyone is only holding swords, kodachis, and daggers, as well as Medical/Repair/Bullet Kits and Grenades.
green creatures of the Mansion quest. Easy but annoying as they can mob you.
Goblin King
The only Mansion boss summoned by a Crimsons Necklace and Goblin Skull. Attacks are fire breath, swing, and pound. Quest items are Goblin King's Skull and Axe, as well as Page 65.
small bomb that explodes when thrown.