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Insta-fall is a technique that puts the opponent into the air, and lets the opposing player juggle and kill or heavily damage the other player via several combos.

Basic ground slash juggle 
( INSTA-FALL UPWARDS -> DOUBLE/TRIPLE SLASH -> BLOCK ) Repeat the last four steps. If timed right, this should be an infinite combo and should kill the player if they do not fall. Do only two slashes with kodachis, but time it so the slashes don't knock the opponent too far away.
Ground slash-block juggle 
Basic slashshot insta-fall 
( INSTA-FALL DOWNWARDS/FORWARDS (no block at the end) -> SWITCH TO GUN -> SHOOT ) The switch should be done in midair, and your character should do the animation of a slashshot. After shooting, you may switch to another gun and shoot again. If the player does not safefall, you can switch to a grenade instead of a gun and drop it instead of shooting it.
Basic re-launch insta-fall 
( INSTA-FALL UPWARDS -> WALK -> LAUNCH ) If done right, the player should be relaunched with their animation frozen. Use an accurate automatic weapon to easily juggle them in midair.
Basic double butterfly juggle 
( INSTA-FALL UPWARDS -> DOUBLE BUTTERFLY -> DOUBLE BUTTERFLY ) Repeat the double butterfly while holding forward in order to keep the enemy in the air.
Double insta-fall 
( INSTA-FALL UPWARDS -> WALK -> INSTA-FALL ) If done right, the player should be launched up, knocked down, and launched back up and knocked down again. It can be repeated.