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Released in International GunZ[edit]

  • Deathmatch - The standard game type found in many shooters. All players fend for themselves. The first person to reach a specified number of kills wins. The game ends when a player reaches the number of kills equal to the number of rounds. The symbol of Deathmatch is a skull.
  • Deathmatch + Berserker - The first person who gets a kill at the start of the game is selected as the Berserker. The Berserker can be easily identified by him or her glowing blue. The Berserker's weapons will do 150% damage during this mode, but their armor will slowly drain during the match; when the player has no armor points left, their health is drained, although the player cannot die from the health loss. The Berserker must defeat other players to regain health and armor. Any player that defeats the Berserker will in turn become the Berserker and regain full health and armor. The previous Berserker will become a normal player upon respawning. The symbol of Berserker is a skull with flames in the eye sockets.
  • Team Deathmatch - Players are divided into two teams in which they work together to defeat the opposing team. Each round, both teams fight each other - if a player dies, they cannot respawn until the round is over, where their team or the opposing team is defeated. There is no specified kill limit. The symbol of Team Deathmatch is two skulls.
  • Gladiator - Same as Deathmatch, except players are only allowed to use melee weapons. The symbol of Gladiator is a vertical sword and diagonal sword clashing together.
  • Team Gladiator - Team Deathmatch with Gladiator rules. Bow rules are not uncommon. The symbol of Team Gladiator is a vertical sword and two diagonal swords clashing together.
  • Assassination - Similar to Team Deathmatch, however, one person on each team is randomly selected as a target, named the VIP. The opposing team must defeat the targeted player on the other team to win. The symbol of Assassination is a purple circle with two orange borders, resemblant of an aiming reticle.
  • Training - Similar to Deathmatch, but no experience or bounty is gained from kills, and experience is not lost through suicides or from level difference. The symbol of Training is a flexed arm.

Released in North America GunZ[edit]

Note: North America GunZ includes all the game modes of International GunZ as well.

  • Team Deathmatch + Extreme - Players are divided into two teams in which they work together to defeat the opposing team. Victory is obtained by the team who reaches the objective number of kills (which can be set at the beginning of the game) first. Unlike Team Deathmatch, players do not have to wait until the round is over to respawn. In the North American edition, the game mode is spelled as "Team Deathmatch + Extream [sic]". The symbol of Team Deathmatch Extreme is a single skull, followed by a pile of skulls behind it.
  • "The Duel" Mode - Players are involved in a tournament setting, where players actively fight 1 vs 1 (one-on-one) battles, and move up the ranks until the objective amount of kills is obtained. Gems are shown under the player's health/armor meters: a yellow gem shows one consecutive win, a blue gem shows five consecutive wins, and a red gem shows ten consecutive wins. Multiple gems are shown for each multiple sets of wins; for example, at 26 wins, a player will display two red gems, one blue gem, and one yellow gem. If a player reaches a multiple of ten as their consecutive number of wins, their victory will be announced over the server, unless the player is in a Free Channel; however, after ten consecutive wins, if another player beats them, their loss will also be announced over the server. Observers cannot talk to the current duelists, as all the duelists will see are a series of 5 dots in place of their messages. The symbol for Duel Mode is two pistols; one pistol pointed to the right and one pistol pointed to the left.
  • Quest - A gameplay mode available only on Quest Mode servers. It is not fully available in any GunZ version yet. It pits players in a team of up to four against NPC monsters which get harder as players level up. Currently there are around 23 monster types. The progression of standard scenarios is very straight-forward; destroy every NPC in a room to advance to the next room. After all rooms have been cleared, items gained throughout the mission are distributed to each participant remaining. In addition to standard scenarios, there are more difficult special scenarios, gained through the sacrifice of quest items in different combinations in the waiting room. Special scenarios involve fighting bosses and much harder enemies. NPC attacks in any scenario can be physical or magical depending on the monster, with magic abilities having various effects, from healing NPCs, to slowing down players. Currently, from stage 4 and onward (regardless of quest level), the team can acquire pieces of meat (raw meat, seasoned meat, and steak) in Quest Mode. Items that may drop later range from quest items, to Monster Bible information, to event items, to equipment. Automatic weapons are usually preferred in this game mode because monsters move relatively slowly and can be hit repeatedly easily. The symbol for Quest Mode is a treasure chest.
  • Clan War - A gameplay type available only to specific Clan War servers. This pits clans against equally numbered and similarly leveled clans for ranking. There are seven rounds of three minute games in a Clan War. When playing a Clan War game, players do not lose experience from being beaten by those that are much lower level than them; they also get 1.5 times the experience as normal. When starting a Clan War, the map is selected at random from a set list of maps, which are, as listed, Town, Mansion, Port, Dungeon, Garden and Castle.

Planned for release in North America GunZ[edit]

  • Classic - A gameplay mode being developed. It is the exact reverse of Gladiator; guns only. There are no item-packs like in Gladiator, as well.
  • Team Classic - The team version of Classic.
  • Survival - A gameplay mode being developed. It pits a team of players against wave after wave of Quest Mode monsters. Rewards of EXP and bounty are given after each survived wave. The symbol for this is a Goblin's face. This is out now.
  • Ladder - A gameplay mode being developed. This mode's details are entirely unknown, except that it contributes to personal ranking rather than clan. this is known as the duel tournament.