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Quest mode is a gameplay mode available only on quest servers. It pits players in a team of up to four against NPC monsters which increase in number as players go to higher levels of quest mode. To progress through a quest mode game, destroy every NPC in a room to advance to the next room. After all rooms have been cleared, items gained throughout the mission are distributed to each participant. In addition to standard scenarios, there are boss scenarios, gained through the sacrifice of quest items in different combinations in the waiting room. NPC attacks in any scenario can be physical or magical depending on the monster, with magic abilities having various effects, from healing NPCs, to slowing down players.

Players normally carry automatic weapons such as machine guns, rifles and submachine guns, because of their large ammo capacity. Revolvers and pistols are sometimes also brought for their larger ammo capacity over the shotgun, and rocket launchers may be brought for their splash effect on hitting the ground or an enemy.


Easy as pie. Nothing else. Until you start upgrading the levels of the quest. Bigger enemies come at you and kill you immediately. For beginners, this is where their first quest begins.


Note here that these stages don't come in order. They have to be random.

  • Hallway: Common area. Pretty simple. Shoot down all the enemies you want. You should be able to get through this one.
  • Hallway 2: This hallway is different. It has a really long hall sort of shaped like a U with no curves. Both ends are where most monsters appear, so stay in the middle of the hallway and shoot.
  • Garden: Its a big area taken from the Garden level except at daytime and the huge pillar in the center is gone. Standing on top of the huge garden walls can help you - unless there's Goblin Gunners, then just kill them first before attacking the others.
  • Hall: If you've been in a lot of duel matches, you know this place a lot. This is also known to be the place where you fight the Goblin King. Your best plan would be to move and shoot.
  • Staircase: This isn't as big as it looks to be. It's actually very tight and it was taken off from the underground area from the Garden level. No center pit, so it's easier. However, most people die here, so it's best to kill the goblins before they reach you!
  • Cellar: Square room with pillars and torches. This room is wide open but not much jumping range. The best you can do is walk around shooting monsters.
  • Library: Yep, directly from the Mansion. Unlike the mansion version, you cannot stand on the bookshelves, so this level isn't as easy as you think it would be.
  • Mansion: Not really a look on the mansion's real look. It's actually the center, having its 2nd floor lowered, no huge staircase, and no statue or chandelier.
  • Dining Room: Taken off the Mansion, this is a very tight room where goblins are free to attack you out of nowhere. Be careful, they can mob you just in an instant.

Mansion quest monsters[edit]

The mansion quest map is based off of the regular maps for Mansion and Garden, with the Goblin King as the boss.

  • Goblins are the "grunt" goblins, and carry daggers. Kill them last, as they cannot do much damage unless there's a large mob.
  • Goblin Gunners are the "rifler" goblins and fire at you with their rifles. They generally aren't too dangerous, but too many can quickly overwhelm you.
  • Goblin Wizards are the "healer" goblins, and when up close, can do a Massive Strike, which can be dangerous, as it can stun you for a few seconds, which is enough time for a large mob of goblins to kill you. After killing any Elder Goblins, kill the Goblin Wizards.
  • Goblin Generals are the larger armored grunt goblins, and do more damage than Soldier Goblins.
  • Elder Goblin are the "shaman" goblins, and can fire fireballs and slow you down. Kill them first and stay near their corpse, as they sometimes drop Crimson's Necklace.
  • Palmpoa happens to be a tiny creature. Some people claim it to be very powerful. Found in other Gunz version.
  • Palmpow are the stronger versions. They cast an even more powerful attack.


  • Goblin King is considered the best boss in the whole game. He is a fat huge goblin that carries around a giant axe. However, he is very powerful too. He moves like an armored goblin and has big HP/AP. His close-ranged attack is a fast and powerful jab with his hammer, and he sometimes pulls his hammer above his head for a strong pound which can kill you immediately. In addition to those attacks, he can inhale deeply and blow three fireballs, however, he is immobile at that point. This is the only boss that has only one stage, so in order to get EXP, you must kill the Goblin King.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Goblin King's Skull, Goblin King's Axe, Goblin King's Rocket, Goblin Hat
    • How to Summon This Boss Goblin's Skull + Crimson's Necklace
  • Fake Goblin King (Ijji) is the easiest boss in the whole game. He is like the original Goblin King, only much weaker and less HP. However, his attack power has not been reduced, so be careful. Compared to the real Goblin King, he is much shorter and any of his attacks can be blocked (except the Fireball Attack, of course). Minions still appear, but Elder Goblins aren't as common as in the real Goblin King battle. In the end, however, you get less EXP from this Goblin King, and the rewards aren't as good as the original.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Goblin Commander's Club, Pickaxe, Goblin Wizard's Armguard (Men), Goblin Wizard's Armguard (Women)
    • How to Summon This Boss - Goblin's Skull + Goblin Doll
  • Dwarf Goblin King (Ijji) is an even harder boss compared to Goblin King. In here, you don't face the Goblin King alone, but many. Lots of Goblin Kings appear everywhere, but only one of them is real. Luckily, all the Goblin Kings except one have very low HP, so it's best to get rid of every fake Goblin King until only one is left, which is the real one.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Golden Goblin Armguard (Men), Golden Goblin Armguard (Women), Golden Goblin Club, Goblin King's Axe
    • How to Summon This Boss - Goblin King's Skull + Goblin Doll
  • Thunder Goblin King (Ijji) is the hardest form of the Goblin King. For this boss, you will face the same Goblin Kings as from Dwarf, only you can tell which one is the boss because he is even bigger than the original. All the Goblin Kings are freakishly blue and shoot thunder at you. It does not stop until it hits you or rams into a wall.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Golden Goblin Launcher, Golden Goblin Hat (Men), Golden Goblin Hat (Women)
    • How to Summon This Boss - Goblin King's Skull + Crimson's Necklace
  • Palmpow is a small, cute, and deadly creature. Although he is known as an easy boss, lower leveled people consider him hard. Any move near him and he will summon a deadly arrow from the skies and shoot you. As well as damaging you heavily, you will get momentarily stunned. The smart thing to do is to flip him at the beginning and shoot from a safe distance. If done so, this won't be too hard. Keep moving, however, because there are small Palmpows and Palmpoas everywhere.
    • Reward - Palmpow Idol
    • How to Summon This Boss - Palmpow Doll + Goblin Doll


Fairly hard quest. It gets really hard when you first start, and it gets harder too. Right when you hit level 2, you will have to face some of the hardest bosses in the game.


  • Stone Room (Quest 1, Stage 1): First room only appearing in level 1. Only monsters that appear here are the skeletons. Just fire away.
  • Passage (Quest 1, Stage 2; Quest 2, Stage 1): Movement here is required as mages will be sent wave after wave. Be careful and kill the mages first.
  • "Eighth" Path (Quest 1, Stage 3; Quest 2, Stage 2; Quest 3, Stage 1): Yes, the whole path goes around like an eight. Just follow along and kill the enemies.
  • Stairways (Quest 1, Last Stage; Quest 2, Stage 3; Quest 3, Stage 2; Quest 4, Stage 1): Everyone knows this level because it's on every quest! Famous for how hard this is. It's a long stairway, and summons the Skeleton Mages and Skeleton Warriors. As the stage begins, dash or tumble to the other end immediately. Technique here is speed as you'll be dashing around shooting the Skeleton Warriors off your tail.
  • Passage 2 (Quest 2, Stage 4; Quest 3; Stage 3; Quest 4; Stage 2; Quest 5, Stage 1) If that didn't blow you off, THIS will. It's a very narrow path and summons all three skeletons you have faced off so far. The really annoying enemies here are the Mages and Warriors, so deal with them first. The best technique is to have someone climb in front of the nearest huge rock (comfirming that person is high enough) so enemies will come under him but will be unable to connect their attacks. The other three players shoot the enemies while staying where they spawned. If by any chance you run off to another area, the monsters will turn and attack you, making it more difficult.
  • Pillar Room (Quest 2, Last Stage; Quest 3, Stage 4; Quest 4, Stage 3; Quest 5, Stage 2) Here's where it all turns up to mess your mind again. This stage has all three enemies plus the Skeleton General. Stay in contact with these because you might get the Large Skull. Also this is where you fight Superion.
  • The Bridge (Quest 3, Last Stage; Quest 4, 4th Stage; Quest 5, Stage 3) This one is challenging. There is a long path leading from one end to another. All four enemies will appear as well as the Cursed Corpses/Unholy. Defeat them and don't forget to collect the Mysterious Skulls that might appear. This is where you can find Aneramon.
  • Passage 3 (Quest 4, Last Stage; Quest 5, Stage 4) This place is pretty easy to survive in. Lots of room, but lots of monsters too. Be careful of the Unholy and make sure you do not run into the pillars.
  • Shrine (Quest 5, Last Stage): Sort of like the combination of the Pillar Room and the end of the deathmatch version of the Pathway, where they have the stairs. All the enemies you have fought so far will appear here. The Lich appears here.

Dungeon quest monsters[edit]

  • Skeletons are "grunt" skeletons, and carry small swords. They can generally be ignored until the end, as they don't do much damage and attack slowly.
  • Skeleton Mages fire slow moving fireballs and fast moving arrows at you. These fireballs cannot hit you unless you are not moving or if you move into them, and the arrows do not do much damage, but it can add up. These mages are the annoying ones and are advised to be killed first, as you'll never know when they'll hurl arrows at you or if a fireball out of thin air will end in your demise.
  • Skeleton Warriors are the slightly larger fellows of the Skeletons but there's a difference. They now carry giant swords and run faster at you. Fairly annoying to new people, but relatively weak to veteran players.
  • Skeleton Generals are gigantic dark-blue giant skeletons that can do a large smash attack. Stay near their corpse as well, because they drop Large Skulls.
  • Cursed Corpses are upgraded Skeleton Mages. They can cast a lightning spell that slows you down, and also have lightning projectiles that blast towards you, which is more damaging than the Skeleton Mages'. They drop Mysterious Skulls.
  • Richies are small versions of the Lich. Not much to worry about, since they only have 40 HP.


  • Superion is considered the 3rd easiest boss in the game. That doesn't mean he is weak, however. Many people are killed by this freakishly large creature. His speed is really quick, and his attacks are strong. His minions has a possible chance of being the ones that can kill you, so move quicker, because you have two challenges to face - the minions and Superion. While Superion's Demon Bringer deals a lot of damage, his huge Fireball runs along the ground. Other than that, he can occasionally use his Demon Bringer to swing fireballs at you.
    • Reward Torn Page 65, Demon Hand, Demon Bringer, Superion's Sword, Enormously Huge Skull
    • How to Summon This Boss - Large Skull + Skeleton Doll
  • Aneramon/Unholy is a really tough boss to deal with. He is far more difficult than Superion, considering he has powerful ranged attacks that can go anywhere. His lightning attack shoots out 8 lightning bolts all at once. In addition to that, he sends out 8 zaps of lightning flying at you. Both of these attacks do massive damage, as well as his close combat attack where he kicks you up into the air. Unlike Superion, Aneramon/Unholy is very slow, so shooting him from far away won't be very difficult.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Odd Gunx2, Devil's Dictionary, Aneramon's Sword
    • How to Summon This Boss - Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll
  • Lich/Richie is the first of the toughest bosses yet. This creature is a giant flying skeleton dragon located at the Shrine. His speed is equal to Superion's, and his Attack Power for combat and ranged attacks do tons of damage. At some point in the game, it will breathe fire at you. Using its claw, it will shoot flaming arrows as well. Going up too close (which isn't the smartest idea) will cause it to slash its tail at you. Occasionally, it will throw a meteor at you, which will not only cause massive damage, but stun you as well, making the minions draw near to you and kill you
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Lich's Tail, Wings of Catastrophe, Dark Lord Trousers
    • How to Summon This Boss - Devil's Dictionary + Enormously Huge Skull
  • Cursed Palmpow is the deadliest Palmpow ever. Undead, it will surprisingly strike you powerfully with Blizzard Greater, only more superior. Other than that, there are many minions all over. Cursed Palmpow is hard to beat, and if you fail, that's a waste of a very valuable item.
    • Reward - Torn Page 65, Ice Crystal, Palmpow Ice Blade, Palmpow Helmet (men/women)
    • How to Summon This Boss - Cursed Palmpow Idol + Skeleton Doll


Newest quest since October 2007. Most stages are taken from the Prison map, while some aren't.


  • Jail (Quest 1, Stage 1): There's not much interesting going on here, so just kill and move on.
  • Hallway (Quest 1, Stage 2): Small hallway, is it? Kobolds and the mages come in so be careful not to get mobbed.
  • Shower Room (Quest 1, Stage 3; Quest 2, Stage 1): A very small room, its area is similar to the Dining Room in the Mansion quest. I warn you again to destroy any monster in your path.
  • Hallway 2 (Quest 1, Stage 4; Quest 2, Stage 2): The other hallway. Same looks. In quest 1, you meet up with a new monster - the Kobold Warrior.
  • Jail Room (Quest 1, Last Stage; Quest 2, 3rd Stage; Quest 3, Stage 1) Similar to that of the first Jail, except no stairs or 2nd floor.
  • Sewers (Quest 2, Stage 4; Quest 3, Stage 2): A short pathway. It's filled with water, but since it's pretty narrow too, keep your head up - lots of enemies will come. Along with the Drain is a small room. Not a good idea to go in there.
  • Cellar (Quest 2, Last Stage; Quest 3, Stage 3; Quest 4, Stage 1): Similar to the Drain, only it goes in a straight path. A small dining room with crates comes along too, so you have enough room to take the Kobolds down.
  • Hall (Quest 3, Stage 4; Quest 4, Stage 2): The most tight room you'll ever be in.

This place is so small getting mobbed here will be very easy. You can't wall run, and the waters here make the quest items hard to see. This is where you fight the Kobold King/Giant Lizardman.

  • Drain (Quest 3, Last Stage; Quest 4, Stage 3): This is the one in the Prison I map. Lots of room here, so this stage shouldn't be too hard.

Prison quest monsters[edit]

  • Kobolds are the first enemies you see. They are small and carry axes around. They're not very strong but being mobbed can be annoying.
  • Kobold Mages are the white kobolds. They hurl green slime at you and shoot

green arrows at you. Not much damage but annoying. They don't move much, so it's easier to take them down.

  • Kobold Captains are the bigger blue guys. Their weapon is a Double Handed Axe and they do big damage. They are similar to the Skeleton Warriors. Watch out for these guys because they drop the Gold Earrings.
  • Kobold General are the big red guys. They can cause earthquakes and slow you down. Platinum Earrings come out of them, so keep an eye on what they drop.


  • Kobold King/Giant Lizardman is a bigger version of the Kobold Generals. Really powerful, but weak in many ways. He can heal and spit poison breathe. It's not really hard, but the area where you fight him is really tight that once he appears you'll be forced to deal with him in a cramped amount of space.
    • Combination: Platinum Earring + Gold Earring
    • Stage: Drain
    • Minions: Kobold Soldiers, Kobols Mages, Kobold Knights
    • Quest Items: Lizardman Gloves, Torn Page 65, Battle Axe
  • Broken Golem is the second of the toughest boss to fight. His unique attack is that you can get hit out of nowhere. It's pretty annoying after a while. Like his fellow mages, he can shoot green energy at you.
    • Combination: High-Class Gear + Kobolds Doll
    • Stage: Jailroom
    • Minions: Kobold Soldiers, Kobols Mages, Kobold Warriors
    • Quest Items: Android Mask, Torn Page 65, Shattered Iron, Broken Gear
  • Palpow palmpow is the better version of the palmpow commander. He can shoot multipul blizzards, called blizzard the greater.
    • Combination: palmpow idol + kobold doll
    • Stage: 4 stages
    • Minions: Palmpoa, Palmpou and Palmpow commanders
    • Quest items: Cursed palmpow idol