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In GunZ The Duel, strategy is the movement and tactics of the player, not to be confused with techniques. It's an essential part of the game; until you have somehow attained 100% aim, you will need it in order to avoid being hit and to deal more damage. Strategies can be changed at any instant: do whatever it takes to win, and don't always stick to one strategy, as players may either get annoyed or will figure it out and defeat you. These strategies are named after common names used in-game, although some of them may have additional names. In addition, any block-related or launch-related strategies can obviously not be done by a dagger, which cannot block and has a different secondary attack. "Hybrid Style" claims to use these tactics more than Korean Style, although the style is not a limiting factor to which strategies may be used, which is why Hybrid Style does not exist (although that's another argument).

  • Turtling: To constantly block in order to either get a massive strike, or to stun the player if they are using their melee weapon, and especially if they're using slash-based K-Style techniques.
  • Anti-turtle: To actively try to bypass a turtle's block using edge-slashing or ground/sky-slashing or circle-strafing with butterfly, or to use the secondary attack in order to temporarily break the block, interrupt the opponent's concentration, and use an instant-kill combo.
  • Spamming: To shoot a high frequency of bullets in order to kill or stop someone before they get to you, or before they kill you. Spamming may be done by repeating a technique over and over again, such as swapshot or half step. Using an automatic weapon in this way is called spraying, as many bullets usually do not hit because of the spread and expected low accuracy of the player using the weapon; also, techniques are not normally used with automatics when playing with this strategy in order to maximize the frequency of bullets.
  • Air fighting: To stay in the air for greater evasion or to avoid rocket launchers, which are normally fired at the ground for damage from its splash effect. The player normally brings a high-accuracy weapon; a weapon that is only effective at short-range will not deal much damage.
  • Running: To run the opposite direction of the fighting in order to avoid combat (normally when low on health) or to gain a better position in the fight.
  • Camping: To stay in one place, normally near a corner of a wall or otherwise in a hidden place. It may be done in order to surprise another player and deal heavy damage by taking a potshot or doing an Instant-kill combo, or to wait out a match. Common methods to deal that damage are to charge a massive strike in order to shoot or use a combo afterwards, to just shoot them as soon as they come in to your area, or to use the sword or dagger's secondary attack in order to launch or knock them down for a combo.
  • Sniping: To camp in one place, usually with a wide space in front, to use a high-accuracy weapon in order to damage a target from a long range. This is done often with two sets of double revolvers, or with a rifle.