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Box artwork for Gunbound.
Developer(s) Softnyx
Publisher(s) Softnyx, NHN USA
Release date(s)
Flag of the United States.svg July, 2006
Flag of the European Union.svg January, 2007 (Beta)
Flag of Japan.svg January, 2007 (Beta)
Genre(s) Artillery
System(s) Windows
Players 2-8, 1 player per computer
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Gunbound is a Worms-like turn-based shooting game, except instead of Worms, it uses tanks, or "mobiles", each with its own three types of shots. Gunbound is an online game, with no single-player option. You can download it for free from


Gunbound World Champion is the name of the international version of Gunbound available at Several other versions exist, including Gunbound Revolution by NHN at (North American) and Gunbound Phillipines by Digital Media Exchange, Inc. at (Phillipines).

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