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All game modes require exactly two teams with equal amounts of players on each team. There is the red team and the blue team.

  • Solo: Each player has 1 life, and when everyone on one team dies, the other team wins.
  • Tag: Each player still has 1 life, but they also get 2 mobiles. Their second mobile only has half of it's health, though. So if you're first mobile is below half of it's health, you'll probably want to switch ("tag") mobiles.
  • Score: Each team has a certain number of lives. The number of lives is the number of people on the team + 1. So if there are 3 people on each team, each team has 4 lives. Every time someone dies, their team loses 1 life. The player can drop down onto the map 4 turns after he/she dies. The first team to lose all its lives loses. You also lose if everyone on your team is dead, even if you have a couple lives left.
  • Jewel: Raons with different numbers on them drop onto the map. The higher the number, the harder the raon is to destroy. The numbers can be either -5, 5, 10, or 25. Every time you destroy a raon, the number it was carrying is added to your team's score (if you destroy the -5 raon, 5 points are taken away from your score). The first team to have 100 points wins. The only way to die in this mode is to fall off the map. After falling off the map, you can drop back down after 2 turns. If everyone on your team has fallen off, your team loses. If you shoot at a raon, but it doesn't die, its health is restored completely. You can destroy the ground underneath the raon to make it fall off the map to get the points.
  • Powerball: This is a solo game, but all items are disabled. Instead, every turn in the game, a ball will drop from the sky. When a player gets close enough to a ball, the ball rolls towards them (the ball can also drop on them, whether from the sky or from recoiling from an enemy's attack), and the player obtains the ball's ability. The five different ball types are as follows:
    • Dual Ball: Makes one fires two shots at once.
    • Thunder Ball: Gives one the ability of a thunder/electrical attack.
    • Force Ball: Gives one the ability of a solar attack.
    • Gold Ball: Gives 20% more gold in your attacks.
    • Bomb Ball: Causes all the balls (including their abilities) one has to bounce away.

Note: The balls can fuse together into one ball with all the abilities of each single ball.


Delay is the number you see beside your name and the other players' names in the player list on the lower left side of the screen in the game. Delay determines the order which players get their turn. Shot1 has the least delay. Shot2 has more delay (Except for J.Frog, Shot1 and Shot2 of this mobile has the same delay), and SS has lots of delay. Every second it takes to take your turn, 10 is added to your delay; except for Turtle, that gives 12 delay per second.Items can give lots of delay, oftentimes more than SS. You need to know how to use delay in order to win, especially in 1on1 fights where you are very close to the other player.

  • How to compute for delay:
  • Basic: The player on top will move first on the next turn, the one below it second, and so on. You can see your name go up and down the player list when you switch shots or if you use items. Delay is very important for your strategy.
  • Advanced: The numbers beside the players' names are their delays relative to you. This basically means that if you find a +100 next to the name of your opponent, he/she has 100 more delay than you do. Since he/she has more delay, your name should be on top of your opponent's name and you will shoot before your opponent. On the other hand, if your opponent has a -100 next to his/her name, you have 100 more delay than that person, and you will execute your turn after him/her. Delay in items affect these numerical delay values directly: Dual will add 600 to your delay, Teleport will add 150, etc. This way, you can calculate the outcome of the next turn -- will you have the chance to move again? This is especially useful when your opponent uses Dual or SS. If you see more than +600 next to the name of your opponent, you can safely use Dual (using the shot you are currently using; since switching between Shot1 and 2 can have drastic effects on your delay) and know that you will move ahead of your opponent on the next turn.


Opponent +800

-Upon using Dual and consuming 5 seconds to calculate your attack-

Opponent +150 (800 - 600 (Dual) - 50 (5 seconds)

On the next turn, you will still move ahead of your opponent. On this turn, why not use Dual again and finish him/her off?

  • TIP: Do not select Shot2 when using teleport because it would cost you a lot more delay than if you just use Shot1.


Items let you do extra damage to your opponent, or help you win in some way. Each item has a certain amount of delay (one of them doesn't) added to your shot. To select your items, click on the items button in the game room. There you can fill 6 item slots. Some items fill 2 slots, some of them fill 1 slot. Some of them might be grayed out, which means you cannot select them. The host decides which ones can and can't be used. If you are the host, just right-click on the items to turn them on or off.

The items.
  • Dual
    • What it does: Shoots two shots, either shot one or two (not SS).
    • Delay: 600
  • Blood
    • What it does: Takes away 8% of your health, adds 33% damage to your shot.
    • Delay: None
  • Energy Up 2
    • What it does: Gives 25% of your life back. Bionics get 30%.
    • Delay: 300
  • Energy Up
    • What it does: Gives a small amount of life back. Bionics get an extra 5%.
    • Delay: 100
  • Dual+
    • What it does: Fires the selected shot first, and the other shot second. So if you have Shot1 selected, it will fire Shot1, then Shot2. (No SS)
    • Delay: 250
  • Change Wind
    • What it does: Reverses the horizontal and vertical direction of the wind.
    • Delay: 150
  • Team Teleport
    • What it does: Teleport to exactly where the player on your team who has the lowest health is, and he will teleport to where you were. It takes a turn to use. Shield is not counted as health (HP).
    • Delay: 50
  • Bunge Shot
    • What it does: 25% more area damage, to destroy more land.
    • Delay: 50
  • Power Up
    • What it does: Adds 33% more damage.
    • Delay: 150
  • Thunder
    • What it does: A lightning bolt strikes where your shot lands.
    • Delay: 200
  • Teleport
    • What it does: Teleports the player to where the shot lands. (Does no damage)
    • Delay: 150


The moondisk changes every round of turns. It is located around the bottom-right of the screen in-game.

The moondisk.
  • Force - Adds damage to the shot, the longer the shot stays inside the force, the more damage is added to it. Does not work with Lightning's and J.Frog's shots. Does not work for RaonLauncher Shot2; RaonLauncher SS is only affected by Force when it directly hit the opponent without contact with the land. Does not work with Aduka Shot2.
  • Hurricane - A tornado. When a shot enters it, the shot will go around it then exit out. A.Sate and Knight's shots fired through a hurricane will also circle around it before going on.
  • Electricity - A lightning bolt will strike wherever the shot hits.
  • Wind - Changes the wind speed and direction.
  • Land - Destroys 15% more land. Not used in any of the current maps.
  • Protection - Increases the life of all mobiles. Bionic mobiles heal more.
  • Ignorance - Items are locked, and shield mobiles stop regaining their shield. Decreases recharge time of SS.
  • Thor - Thor shoots a beam wherever the shot hits.

Gold & GP bonuses[edit]

Certain shots will give you extra gold and/or GP, and sometimes take them away.

  • Shot of God Bonus (Killing 2 or more players at the same time. They have to both be on the opposing team.) - 500G 4GP
  • Bunge Shot Bonus (Causing someone to fall off the map.) - 100G 1GP
  • Ending Bonus (Killing someone on the opposing team.) - 100G 1GP
  • Excellent Shot Bonus (500 or more damage to the opposing team.) - 50G
  • Good Shot Bonus (250-499 damage to the opposing team.) - 20G
  • Shot Bonus (150-249 damage to the opposing team.) - 10G
  • Hurricane Bonus (The shot goes through a hurricane and does at least 50 damage.) - 20G
  • High Angle Bonus (Use a 70 degree or more shot, the has 2.5 seconds of hangtime, and it does at least 50 damage to the opposing team.) - 15G
  • Ultra High Angle Bonus (Use 70 degree angle or more, the shot has 4 seconds of hangtime, and it does at least 50 damage to the opposing team.) - 30G
  • Boomer Shot Bonus (The shot goes past the opponent, comes back, and does at least 50 damage.) - 20G
  • Back Shot Bonus (Shoot backwards, then it goes back forward to do at least 50 damage.) - 25G
  • 3000 Damage Achieved (Do a total of 3000 damage in one game.) - 100G 4GP
  • 2000 Damage Achieved (Do a total of 2000 damage in one game.) - 100G 2GP
  • 1000 Damage Achieved (Do a total of 1000 damage in one game.) - 100G 1GP
  • Team Kill Penalty (Kill yourself or a team-mate.) - -50G -1GP
  • Team Damage Penalty (Do over 50 damage to a team-mate without killing them.) - -25G -1GP
  • Winning Awards:
  • 1:1 game - 20G 3GP
  • 2:2 game - 150G 6GP
  • 3:3 game - 200G 9GP
  • 4:4 game - 300G 12GP

If you leave the game while it is still going, you will automatically give each player on your team 100 gold, however you will not lose anything.