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First you must download the game from (Free!). To register an account go to and click the register link, or click the register button that pops up when you start Gunbound. Now you are ready to start up Gunbound. After it is installed, start it up by opening the GunboundWC shortcut which should be on your desktop or start menu. Type in your username/password combination, then login. If it was a successful login, you will be at a game-launching page. From here you can start the actual game, or read the announcements or events that are happening for Gunbound. Click Launch Game to start up Gunbound!

Now it will show a server list. There are 12 servers. If you are a beginner (just registered your account), you need to go to one of the first 2 servers. They are beginner servers, so more advanced players aren't allowed in them. Click on a server name to go into it.

After you've clicked on a server, you'll see lots of game rooms at the top of the screen, and a chatroom at the bottom of the screen. Click on a game room to join it. Or click the Create Game to create one that others can join.

Game Types[edit]

  • Jewel
  • Score
  • Solo
  • Tag
  • Powerball

Player Avatars[edit]

Every player has an in-game representation of themselves. These are either a generic male or female, and players can dress them up with items they purchase from the gold they win or the specialized currency they can purchase with real money. Avatars do nothing by themselves besides add aestheticism and statistical modifications to the game.

Avatar Items[edit]

Avatar Items are the items that players can dress their avatar with. These can be either temporary or permanent, depending on how much a player is willing to spend on them. Items can range in how many bonuses they give: while some give none (backgrounds), others can give many.

How to Play[edit]

Disregarding game modes, players take turns firing projectiles from their mobile at a certain target, be it jewels or other players. During a player's turn the player can move their mobile left or right (and thus fall from an edge if they go too far), adjust the angle of their shot, use an item, choose what shot to use, and fire.