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You start off in a little town to visit and stay with your grandpa. Don't worry, the town's pretty boring and, you will not be staying for too long. You get to explore the house. Start clicking Cross button when you see the exclamation mark (!) to interact. Move on outside the house to talk with grandpa again and the other characters. You will meet Cylinder, who tries to get a date with you. You will get your first item from Disk. Disk owns a gadget shop (second shop after coming down the stairs). Talk to him and you'll soon get a pair of Goggles as a welcome gift!

Discover a new land[edit]

When you are done, make sure you talk to Pamela, the lady that walks around town. She'll tell you that Puchi (the dog wandering in town) is cranky lately. A series of events will now take place once you go near grandpa's house. Puchi will start barking at a little girl and Parin will jump to her rescue. It turns out that Puchi is actually a "monster" and these monsters cannot be seen by adults. That explains the weird activities going on in town! You will then meet Puku, Puchi's brother who resembles a walking plant.

They will ask you to join them in Monster Village, and it's actually conveniently located at the top of the stairs from Grandpa, through a little hole in a wall and down a back alley. You'll then get to meet other cool friends, like Poco. Poco is blue dancing phenomenon. And if you line Parin up beside him, she will join him in a dance as well. After the cut-scene, proceed to the middle where you see something stuck in the ground. That is your weapon, a fully modified drill for little kids with awesome powers!

Meet the enemy[edit]

After much fun with your new found friends, you are alerted one day by Puchi that Puku has gone missing. Puchi suspects that the Phantoms has taken him! The phantoms are evil monsters that try to wreck havoc in the monster world. Of course, there is no other more fit for the job than you. Parin promptly volunteers to find Puku, and that is the start of your adventure!

You can wander back to town or you can move on towards the exit on the other end of Monster Village. You can now press Cross button to attack with your drill. Hold onto Cross button longer to charge up and perform a stronger attack. Once you are ready, leave the village and navigate to Potato Ruins.