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Game A[edit]

  • Neutral dpad: Press left or right to direct the professor to walk in either direction. Push up or down to climb or descend on the green ropes. The professors can not jump, so make sure that you don't direct them in to an area that they will become trapped in.
  • B button or A button: Press to pick up a radish when you are standing over one, or press to drop the radish if you are holding one.
  • Start button: Pressing Start will switch the background of the screen to blue. Whenever the screen is blue, the controls switch to those used in Game B. If you press Start when the screen is blue, it will return to black, and normal control over the Professor resumes.
  • Select button: Pauses the game. While the game is paused press Left or Right to scroll the screen to see more of the level. Press Select again to unpause the game. If you press Start while the game is paused you will return to the Select Mode screen.

Game B[edit]

In game B (or when the screen is blue in game A), every button you press delivers an instruction to R.O.B.

  • Up dpad: Raise R.O.B.'s arms.
  • Down dpad: Lower R.O.B.'s arms
  • Left dpad: Rotate R.O.B.'s arms to the left.
  • Right dpad: Rotate R.O.B.'s arms to the right.
  • A button: Open R.O.B.'s arms (release a Gyro).
  • B button: Close R.O.B.'s arms (grab a Gyro).


Professor Hector and Vector[edit]

Gyromite Prof Hector.png
Gyromite Prof Vector.png

Professors Hector and Vector have a problem. There are six sticks of dynamite scattered throughout their various labs. They need to go through each room and gather them up so the lab doesn't explode. The problem is, they developed a complicated security system that can only be bypassed by giving instructions to the security robot R.O.B., who opens different vaults by apply weights to the red and blue actuators. In the process of giving instructions to R.O.B. they must also avoid the horrible Smicks scattered throughout their lab. One touch from them and it's curtains. Their one and only defense against the Smicks is proper placement and utilization of radishes. In Game B, Professor Hector displays his tendency for sleep walking. Help R.O.B. open the proper gates so that the sleep walking professor can reach the other side of his lab without harm.


Gyromite Smick.png
Gyromite Radish.png

Smicks have been placed in the lab by the evil doers who planted the dynamite all around the labs, in order to hinder the professors' progress at dismantling the explosives. Smicks love to bite professors. The only thing they love more than biting professors is radishes. Whenever they come across one, they stop whatever they're doing and chow down for a while until the radish is consumed. While this is occurring, the professors can safely slip right by them without harm. When they're not eating radishes, Smicks patrol a section of the lab, and they can even climb ropes. If you are very good with your timing, you can actually squash them with the pipes and remove them from the stage (and earn a 500 point bonus). Always be mindful of their position and try to have a radish handy so you can place it in front of them and save yourself from getting bit.


Gyromite Dynomite.png

No one knows who or why someone placed dynamite all over the professors' lab, but one thing is for certain: If even one dynamite explodes, it will be a disaster. Some dynamites are placed in positions where they can be easily captured. Sometimes you need to fall down to collect a dynamite. And sometimes, you even need to ride a pipe to a higher position in order to collect them. You have until the timer runs out for the stage you are on to collect all six sticks. Part of the reason for the abundance of time that you are given is because R.O.B. can be a little slow at accomplishing complicated tasks.


Gyromite Pipe Blue.png
Gyromite Pipe Red.png

The pipes are you ultimate hurdle as you try to progress through the lab to collect every stick of dynamite. In order to move them, you will need to provide R.O.B. with the right instructions so that he pushes down on the red or blue actuator that corresponds to the color of pipe you wish to move. When only one pipe needs to be moved, it is sufficient to instruct R.O.B. to pick up a Gyro, and push it down on the actuator without actually spinning it. However, if you need to move both pipes, it becomes necessary to spin at least one of the Gyros so that R.O.B. can drop it on one actuator where it will spin and stay put while R.O.B. grabs the other Gyro and pushes down the other actuator. This will occur from time to time, so have a plan for executing this strategy when the time arises. Remember that just as the pipes can squish the Smicks, they can also squish the poor professors, so make sure the professors are clear before allowing pipes to move up or down.