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Game A[edit]

In Game A, you are primarily in control of Professor Hector, and alternately in control of R.O.B. by pressing Start button and turning the screen blue in order to give him instructions. The object of Game A is to collect all six sticks of dynamite before times runs out in 40 different stages. Your biggest obstacles are the Smicks, which you can distract with radishes. However, two other aspects make this game difficult. First: some stages require that both actuators be held down, so it is important to know how to make use of the Gyro spinner in order to leave a spinning Gyro on one actuator while you have R.O.B. push the other one down with the other Gyro. Second: certain sticks of dynamite must be saved for last because there is no way to return to the rest of them once you drop down to collect them. Thorough analysis of each stage will allow you to plan accordingly rather than using your wit to survive.

Game B[edit]

In Game B, Professor Hector is sleepwalking though his own lab! Not only does he sleepwalk, but he sleep-climbs as well. Every time that Hector encounters a rope, he will automatically begin to climb it as high as it will go. If Hector becomes blocked and cannot progress, he will merely walk in place until you change that situation. You have no control over the professor, so every button that you press gives an instruction to R.O.B. There are multiple branching paths, some safe, and some deadly. You must make to send Hector down the safest paths and away from the Smicks. You must also react quickly to the scenery and prepare for sudden changes in strategy if you foresee trouble ahead for Professor Hector. Some stage will require that you spin one of the Gyros in order to press down both actuators. Make sure that you have plenty of time to execute your plans, or Hector will wander off somewhere where he's not meant to travel.
(Although some might consider this cheating, if your R.O.B. is reacting sluggishly, and you want to give yourself more time to allow for R.O.B.'s speed, you can press Select button and pause the action while you wait for R.O.B. to finish executing his last instructions.)