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The player begins the game "2 WARPS TO NEPTUNE." After completing each level, the player is one warp closer to a planet. Each time a planet is reached, the player's ship is seen flying towards it and then a short bonus round is played, where the player can shoot enemy ships for bonus points without worrying about being destroyed by them. After reaching Neptune, the player is then three warps from Uranus, and progresses through Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and finally Earth, taking three warps to reach each planet.


Within each stage, there are two phases. In the first phase, the enemy deploys according to their deployment pattern, before entering the holding pattern in the center. There are 10 fighters within the four guaranteed waves. If you destroy enough enemies within a deployment, an extra wave will appear; its approach pattern and direction is random. While enemies can ram you during this phase when they try to exit, they won't damage the craft when they enter.

In the second phase, enemies will leave the holding pattern individually to make an attack on the player. They will fly about the area and eventually leave behind the player, before returning to the center. However, enemies will not remain in play forever; they will withdraw after a few attack passes on the player. Space stations will also appear if you destroyed the right number of enemies. They will remain for about 15 seconds before leaving.

Chance stage[edit]

When you reach a planet, you are presented with a chance stage. This is a bonus stage where you need to shoot enemies as they fly past. In addition to the normal value of the enemies and clearing waves, you get bonus at the end of the stage equal to 100 points for each enemy killed. However, if you killed all enemies in that stage, you gain 10,000 points instead.

Stage strategies[edit]


Enemies will come from the center, diagonally opposite of their convergence point. They circle towards it, advance, and circle away before falling back to the holding pattern. For these waves, the convergence points are at the bottom, bottom-right, bottom-left, and top. As mentioned above, if you kill the first four waves, an additional wave will appear. It's approach pattern is randomly determined.

The fighter colours in each wave are generally based on the wave, but the actual colours of some craft may vary:

  1. Light blue
  2. Gray, with a light blue leader
  3. Dark Gray, mixed with dark blue
  4. Red, with a dark blue leader.
  5. Light blue

In the chance stage, the first enemy wave will come from two directions at the top, and make three half-circles around the center before departing. The second wave will appear in a single line, appearing in the bottom-left corner and heading to the right before looping back. The third is a vertical mirror of the first, and the fourth has the fighters move to the left instead of the right (but still starts in the bottom-left.)


Enemies appear in 4 clumped clusters: 1) Bottom-left, moving to the right. 2) Bottom-right, moving to the left. 3) Top-left, moving down. 4) Top-right, moving down. Best strategy is usually to move along with the clump, shooting at the advancing edge of the cluster before it separates.

In the change stage:

  1. Enemies make a partial convergence at the bottom-left.
  2. Enemies arrive on the bottom-right, and split in two on the right just as they make three half-loops around the center, and cross before exiting.
  3. Enemies make a partial convergence at the bottom-right, before crossing...
  4. Enemies arrive on the top-left, and split in two on the left just as they make three half-loops around the center, and cross before exiting.


Enemies deploy in single file formation, circling as they reach the center.

  1. From the top-left, heading downward.
  2. From the bottom-left, upward.
  3. From the bottom-right, upward.

During chance:

  1. Arrive from the center, making a partial convergence to the bottom-right before doubling back and crossing at the top-left corner. You can still hit them until they reach the top or left after crossing.
  2. Arrives from the bottom, crossing twice there, before a double cross at the top.
  3. Mirror of first wave; partial at top-left, and cross at bottom-right.
  4. Mirror of second wave, enemies arrive at the top and work down.


Enemies deploy in single file formation from the center before breaking for holding or attack.

  1. Enemies start from the top, before looping to the right. They circle a bit on the right, but are known to break formation before then.
  2. Single file wave, starting from the bottom and turning to the right.
  3. Single file, approaching to the left.
  4. Single file, starting at the bottom and turning to the left.

During chance:

  1. Enemies cross themselves at the bottom, loop in the bottom area, and cross before leaving.
  2. Enemies appear at the top, reversing before crossing, make a tight circle at the bottom left, before crossing.
  3. Vertical mirror of first wave.
  4. Vertical mirror of second wave.


Enemies deploy in single file formation.

  1. Enemies approach from the center staring at the top, circling around to the right before a tight loop at the bottom.
  4. Enemies approach from the bottom-right, and circle around via the top.

During chance:

  1. Enemies arrive and cross at the right, make a quarter-loop before turning around and crossing before exiting.
  2. Enemies arrive at the top and cross, make a quarter-loop before turning around and crossing, and complete the circle by crossing and exiting at the bottom.
  3. Horizontal mirror of first wave.
  4. Vertical mirror of second wave,


Enemies on this wave have an aggressive approach pattern. You may want to get out of the way to be on the safe side.

  1. Enemies arrive at the bottom-left and bottom right, make tight circled before going into holding.
  2. .
  3. .
  4. Enemies arrive at the top-left and top-right, with tight circles at those places.

During chance:

  1. Enemies arrive at the bottom, crossing. They make a complete circle around the center before crossing and exiting at the top.
  2. Enemies arrive from the left, crossing. They do a quick circle at the top-left and bottom-left, before making a quarter-loop and doubling back. They make a final cross at the left before exiting.
  3. Vertical mirror of first wave.
  4. Horizontal mirror of second wave.

After Earth[edit]

After completing Earth's bonus stage, the player must travel through the very fast "3 WARPS TO NEPTUNE" level before returning to the start of the game. The enemies will repeat their initial attack patterns. However, they will be at increased speed, and you will still have to deal with the asteroids and laser beams as well.