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HAUNTED: Halloween '85
Box artwork for HAUNTED: Halloween '85.
Developer(s)Retrotainment Games
Publisher(s)Retrotainment Games
Designer(s)Damian Yerrick
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Action, Platform
System(s)NES, Windows
Mode(s)Single player
Followed byHAUNTED: Halloween '86: The Curse Of Possum Hollow
SeriesHAUNTED: Halloween
TwitchHAUNTED: Halloween '85 Channel
YouTube GamingHAUNTED: Halloween '85 Channel

HAUNTED: Halloween '85 is a non-licensed indie action platformer released by Retrotainment Games in 2016 for the NES and Windows via Steam. The game's programmer, Damian Yerrick, coded everything in 6502 Assembly language. The game's art style is reminiscent of River City Ransom. Retrotainment Games sells cartridges of their games solely through a partner called Cash-In-Culture Games.


The game starts with this text:

Let me tell yinz about Halloween.. In 1985.. The things I saw and creatures I battled.

My name is Donny ~
Donny Johnstown ~
at least that's what my friends call me...
Cause I'm Donny...
From Johnstown.
I just moved here to
Possum Hollow and I'm
the reason this town
is no longer haunted!

I saved everyone from
the haunts that were
destroying this town.

This is how it all
went down......"

Table of Contents