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Stage 1-1[edit]

When you encounter the gunship for the second time, switch to the thrown grenade. This weapon should hit the turrets more easily, and the ones that miss may also hit the men on the ground. If the men attack by shooting bullets, you can duck under them. When the ship takes enough damage or enough time passes, it will depart.

Stage 1-2[edit]

Use ranged attacks against the boss. When it takes enough damage, it will be knocked backward. When it attacks with its claw, either flip backward, or use the double jump to leap over it.

Stage 1-3[edit]

On ground level, there will be large worm-shaped creatures bursting out of the ground before returning. You can attack them to destroy it, but be careful when moving forward as there is very little warning on their attack.

When you reach the right hand side, wall jump upward, and head to the left by the moving platforms. Reaching the left platform may be slightly dangerous, as the enemy will try throwing a projectile. In addition, the platform above also has another enemy, but he can be taken out by a thrown grenade.

The exit is at the top-left corner of the stage.

Stage 1-4[edit]

When you start this stage, the camera will automatically scroll to the left. Because there are pit hazards, it is not safe to remain past the half-way point.