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He is reserved, solitary, and loyal. He is a left-handed master of Iai and his swordsmanship is top-tier even among the Shinsengumi.

Hajime Saito is the leader of the Third Division of the Shinsengumi. He fights with a unique style known as Iai - Saito is left-handed, and instead of conforming to customary tradition and learning how to wield a sword with his right hand, he stuck with a technique which allows him to wield a sword with his dominant hand. On occasion, Saito acts as a spy for the Shinsengumi, leaking enemy intelligence for the sake of the group. He shows unmatched loyalty for the Shinsengumi, and follows the orders of the commanding officers without question.

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Decided to tell them why I'd come to Kyoto.
  • Talk to someone.
  • Remain in the compound.
  • Head to the Ikeda Inn.
  • ...follow Saito.
  • ...want to come.
  • To Hamaguri Gate.
  • Trust Saito.

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Return to my room.
  • Go to the inner courtyard.
  • Want to remain here.
  • Cried for backup.
  • I'm worried about Okita.
  • Go around.
  • The furies.

Chapter 3[edit]

  • The Guard.
  • Felt betrayed.
  • Yes.
  • Stay in my room.
  • Stay quiet.
  • Decided to stay home.
  • Go find Saito.
  • I want to help.
  • Stay and talk.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • We needed to retreat.

Chapter 5[edit]

  • Give him blood.

Chapter 6[edit]

  • Maybe you're right.
  • Decided to give him blood.

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Give him blood.
  • Continue toward the Aizu Domain.

Chapter 8[edit]

  • Decided to stay.
  • Decided to give him blood.