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A cheerful man from Edo, he is the youngest captain of the Shinsengumi. He is quick with a grin and tends to jump straight into things before thinking it through whether it's a challenge or even a swordfight.

Heisuke Toudou is the captain of the Eighth Division Shinsengumi and the youngest of the Shinsengumi captains, being around the age of the protagonist, Chizuru. He is good friends with Shinpachi Nagakura and Sanosuke Harada, and though the three of them joke around, they never hesitate to stand by one another when the going gets tough. Heisuke often doesn't think before speaking, and accidentally hints at many of the Shinsengumi's secrets when Chizuru first joins to the great annoyance of his colleagues. Though he's a bit on the naive side, Heisuke always has good intentions and is one of the first to treat Chizuru as one of the Shinsengumi.

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Decided to tell them I wasn't a boy.
  • Search the compound.
  • Leave and search for my father.
  • Look for Heisuke.
  • Heisuke.
  • ...will stay behind.
  • Go to the common room.

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Investigate.
  • Investigate the Yagi house.
  • Persuade him.
  • Will return to headquarters.
  • Heisuke
  • It's not any of my business.
  • My father.
  • The furies.

Chapter 3[edit]

  • The Guard.
  • Wanted them to stay.
  • Yes.
  • Stay in my room.
  • Scream.
  • Still wanted to help.
  • Convince Heisuke.
  • Was worried about Heisuke.
  • I want to be with you.
  • I want to help.
  • Return immediately.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • You know that's not true.
  • Give him blood.

Chapter 5[edit]

  • You don't have to act tough.
  • Give him blood.

Chapter 6[edit]

  • Give him blood.
  • How can you say that?

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Give him blood.