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He doesn't have the greatest control over his temper and is a little rough around the edges, but he is very compassionate and has a strong sense of duty. His weapon of choice is the spear, not the sword, and he has no equal among Kyoto's spearmen.

Sanosuke Harada is the Tenth Division captain of the Shinsengumi with a unique weapon of choice - though he does carry a sword with him, his preferred weapon is the spear. Early on, he begins a rivalry with the demon Kyo Shiranui, who wields a gun. He believes strongly in traditional ideals, and wishes to protect Chizuru because it is the role of men to protect women and children. Harada is a good friend of Shinpachi Nagakura and Heisuke Toudou, acting as a balance between the two; whereas Heisuke is naive and Nagakura is hot-tempered, Harada is more of the deep thinker of the three, and tends to view the issue from both perspectives.

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Gave up.
  • Search the compound.
  • Remain in the compound.
  • Head to the Ikeda Inn.
  • ...follow Harada.
  • ...want to come.
  • To Kuge Gate.
  • Get rid of Shiranui.

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Return to my room.
  • Go outside.
  • Want to remain here.
  • Didn't move.
  • It's not any of my business.
  • Their interest in me.
  • The notice board.
  • Strange.

Chapter 3[edit]

  • The soldiers.
  • Someone close to the people who were leaving.
  • Yes.
  • Go outside.
  • Trust the Shinsengumi.
  • Still wanted to help.
  • Convince Heisuke.
  • Tried to negotiate with the demons.
  • I'll stay here.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • It's hard to say.
  • Fight!

Chapter 5[edit]

  • Please, don't be so nice.
  • What's Harada's dream?
  • I have an impossible dream.

Chapter 6[edit]

  • You have to understand...