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He is considered a genius with a sword. He always jokes around and a wry grin often appears on his face, but when it comes to battle and defending the Shinsengumi, he never holds back.

Souji Okita is the First Division Captain of the Shinsengumi and a native of Edo with a serious weakness. A brilliant and fearless swordsman, he studied swordplay with Isami Kondou and Toshizo Hijikata. His playful demeanor greatly contrasts that of his fellow swordsman, Hijikata, who consistently maintains a serious and strict attitude. Though he doesn't warm up to the protagonist instantly, he does eventually come to treat her as a member of the Shinsengumi.

Chapter 1[edit]

  • Find a way to escape.
  • Stayed where I was.
  • Talk to someone.
  • Leave and search for my father.
  • Look for Okita.
  • …decided to distract the ronin.
  • …will stay behind.
  • Go to the inner courtyard..

Chapter 2[edit]

  • Investigate.
  • Investigate the Maekawa house.
  • Scream.
  • Will return to headquarters.
  • Okita.
  • I’m worried about Okita.
  • Catch up.
  • The furies.

Chapter 3[edit]

  • The soldiers.
  • Someone neutral.
  • Yes.
  • Go outside.
  • Try to escape.
  • Decided to stay home.
  • Check on Okita.
  • “No”
  • I’ll stay here.

Chapter 4[edit]

  • I want you to do the right thing.

Chapter 5[edit]

  • Give him blood.
  • Give him blood.
  • Calm Okita down.

Chapter 6[edit]

  • Don't kill him.
  • Give him blood or will endure it.

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Give him blood.
  • Will endure it.