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Keyboard (and mouse) Dreamcast PlayStation 2 Action
W or  ↑  Y button Up lstick Move Forward
S or  ↓  A button Down lstick Move Backward
A or alt + X button Left lstick Strafe Left
D or alt + B button Right lstick Strafe Right
Left analog Left rstick Turn Left
Right analog Right rstick Turn Right
Space or Ins Up dpad L1 button Jump
Space then Ctrl or Ins then Ctrl Up dpad (hold) L1 button then L2 button Duck Jump
W then Ctrl then Space or
W then Ctrl then Ins
Up dpad (x2) Up lstick then L2 button then L1 button Long Jump
Ctrl Down dpad L2 button Duck
V or ' N/A N/A Swim Up
C or / N/A N/A Swim Down
PC Mouse.png or PgUp Up analog Up rstick Look Up
PC Mouse.png or PgDn Down analog Down rstick Look Down
End N/A R3 button Return Vision to Center
PC Mouse Left Click.png or Enter R button R1 button Primary Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png or \ L button + R button R2 button Secondary Fire
R or Backspace L button + Up dpad Square button Reload
N/A N/A Circle button Lock-on target
Shift N/A N/A Walk
F Left dpad Triangle button Flashlight
PC Mouse.png or [ or ] L button + Left dpad or
L button + Right dpad
Up dpad or Down dpad Scroll Weapons
1 2 3 4 5 N/A N/A Weapon Categories
N/A N/A Left dpad or Right dpad Scroll Weapon Categories
Q N/A N/A Switch To Last Used Weapon
E or (Enter in Source) Right dpad Cross button Use Item
Esc Start button Start button Pause Game
Tab N/A N/A Toggle Multiplayer Scores
T N/A N/A Spray Logo
F5 N/A N/A Take Screenshot
F6 N/A N/A Quicksave
F7 or (F9 in Source) N/A N/A Quickload
J N/A N/A Throw Powerup (Opposing Force CTF)
N N/A N/A Change Team (Opposing Force CTF)
B N/A N/A Change Playermodel (Opposing Force CTF)
I N/A N/A Flag Information (Opposing Force CTF)
N/A N/A Select button Switch player (Decay)