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Windows PlayStation 2 Action
 ↑  or W Up lstick Move Forward
 ↓  or S Down lstick Move Backward
A Left lstick Strafe Left
D Right lstick Strafe Right
Left rstick Turn Left
Right rstick Turn Right
Space or Insert L1 button Jump
Ctrl L2 button Duck
Enter or E Cross button Use Item
PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button Primary Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png R2 button Secondary Fire
Circle button Lock-on target
R or Backspace Square button Reload
Shift N/A Walk
F Triangle button Flashlight
T N/A Spray Logo
1 2 3 4 5 N/A Weapon Categories
PC Mouse Middle Click.png Left dpadRight dpad Scroll Weapon Categories
Q N/A Switch To Last Used Weapon
F5 N/A Take Screenshot
F6 N/A Quicksave
F7 (F9 in Source) N/A Quickload
Esc Start button Pause Game
N/A Select button Switch player (Decay)