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This area is short but tricky. It is divided into three phases. The next phase begins when Gonarch runs into the next area.

Phase 1[edit]

When you show up in the lair, you will first meet 2 head crabs. Then, you will see an extra-large headcrab with a giant sac hanging from it. Meet Gonarch. As you can probably imagine, the sac is the weakness on this beast. She has 4 major abilities. First she can charge you, Second she can thrash you, third she can spit acid, and most annoying, she can spawn baby headcrabs. For this first section, hit her sac and keep running. You have a lot of space so feel free to use your explosives. After some time, she will knock out some webbing and run through a cave. Before going after her, you will find a floating rock that has a health spa. There is also some ammo near a dead scientist.

Phase 2[edit]

Go into the cave and you will trigger the ceiling to crumble and block your retreat to the previous area. Continue forward to repeat the same thing, but this time, you will find webbing in the middle of the area. This will allow you to fall into oblivion, or if you're lucky you will end up on a rock ledge.

The ledges will take you to one of three caves. One will take you to a health spa. The second is an empty cave. The third will give you some supplies and an airfoil that will take you back topside. On the far side of the area, you will find a small hole that will also take you to the empty cave, but safely.

At this point, just keep shooting and dodging until she cuts through the second set of webs. Alternatively, just keep shooting the hivehand at her while continually bouncing on the airfoil to get through this phase easily, safely, and without wasting ammo.

Phase 3[edit]

When she runs through the cave, go after her. You will drop down and continue after her. You will then drop down again into a pit. She will stay on top of the web while you end up underneath. You will also find some much needed supplies. Keep hitting her sac hard and fast. The pit will start filling up with baby headcrabs so do this quickly. Grenades can help keep them down, but don't completely rely on them.

After a short while, she will break the web and join you. Keep hitting her sac and move. She will then collapse. Hit her sac once more from a distance and she will blow up.

Alternative strategy

When she runs through the cave, proceed after her slowly. You will reach a slippery surface that would normally pull you into the pit. Edge forward as closely as possible. When you get to the edge, use your rockets, magnum, and grenades against her. When she falls through the web you can easily destroy her with satchel charges.

If the Gonarch glitches

If the Gonarch glitches, one can spam all their explosives near the two whipping creatures, causing the floor to fall in and reveal a teleporter to the next level.

After Gonarch is dead[edit]

As Gonarch explodes, she will open a trap door that you can jump down to. Proceed forward very slowly, and as you fall into the pit keep yourself against the wall. You'll land on a tiny platform from where you can use the hand hive to destroy all the baby headcrabs.

Carefully fall in here and land on a platform below. There is a health spa here. When fully healed, jump down into the teleporter.

You will then port to the next area.