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Follow these steps to activate cheats in the game.

  1. Use the  `  to show console
  2. Enter sv_cheats 1

Then enter any of the following;

Cheat Map
god Enables you to become invincible
noclip Enables you to walk through stuff
notarget Enemies cannot see you
impulse 101 Gain all guns and max ammo
sv_gravity # Changes the gravity setting (default # is 800)
sv_accelerate # Set acceleration of player (default # is 10)
map ba_hazard1 Hazard Course
map ba_hazard2
map ba_hazard3
map ba_hazard4
map ba_hazard5
map ba_hazard6
map ba_tram1 Intro
map ba_tram2
map ba_tram3
map ba_security1 Insecurity
map ba_security2
map ba_maint
map ba_elevator
map ba_canal1 Duty Calls
map ba_canal1b
map ba_canal2
map ba_canal3
map ba_yard1 Captive Freight
map ba_yard2
map ba_yard3
map ba_yard3a
map ba_yard3b
map ba_yard4
map ba_yard4a
map ba_yard5
map ba_yard5a
map ba_teleport1
map ba_xen1 Focal Point
map ba_xen2
map ba_xen3
map ba_xen4
map ba_xen5
map ba_xen6
map ba_teleport2
map ba_power1 Power Struggle
map ba_power2 the end of this map is the start of (A Leap of Faith)
map ba_outro Final cutscene