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Black Mesa Research Facility[edit]

Black Mesa, New Mexico 8:42 AM

The game starts with a 3-4 minute unskippable tram ride describing the environment.

Security offices[edit]

A faster route is jumping down from the refreshments into the security room. You'll take damage.

Once you get past the door, follow the green wall marker "Area 3 Security". You'll reach the security guard desk who directs you to the personnel facilities and armory to collect your vest and weapon. Go to the Armory by the blue wall marker. Collect your pistol (and extra ammo from the firing range) and return. Go into the personnel facilities, and get your vest and helmet - they are on the far set of lockers and are in plain sight. Return to the upper floor.

When you approach the guard, he will open the door. Follow the red wall marker and when you reach the tram, take the ladder to the maintenance door and enter it. Turn on your flashlight and go through. You'll reach a foot bridge that you'll have to lower and cross (after the G-Man passes through.)

Sector G access lift[edit]

After going back up, you'll reach the main access lift for Sector G. Press the button to start the elevator, and watch the following cutscene.