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HLbs crowbar.png

The crowbar is a bit of a trade mark within the Half-Life series. Although its mostly there to get you by when ammo is in short supply, you can also use the crowbar for more practical things like breaking windows/crates. Useful on the headcrabs.

  • Primary Fire: Crowbar swing
  • Damage: 5

Glock 9mm Pistol[edit]

HLbs 9mm.png
HLbs 9mmAmmo.png

Not as powerful or as quick firing as other weapons but good for hitting things at a distance.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Single shot / Rapid fire
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 250 / 17
  • Damage: 8

.357 Magnum[edit]

HLbs magnum.png
Hlbs magnumAmmo.png

Considerably more powerful than the Glock, usually one shot, one kill. Low clip capacity.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Single shot / Zoom
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 36 / 6
  • Damage: 40

Assault Shotgun[edit]

HLbs shotgun.png
HLbs shotgunAmmo.png

A semi-automatic assault shotgun that loads from the bottom. Good for close quarter battles.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Single shot / Double shot
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 125 / 8
  • Damage: 5

M4 Assault Rifle[edit]

Hlbs mp5.png
Hlbs mp5ammo.pngHlbs mp5nade.png

More powerful than the Glocks' rapid fire and a bigger clip. One of the main weapons of the game.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Rapid fire / "On-contact explosive" grenade
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 250 / 50 / 10 grenades
  • Damage: 5 / 100 grenade


HLbs grenade.png

3 second timer, the longer you hold it the less time before it goes off.

  • Primary: Throw grenade
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 10 / 1
  • Damage: 100


HLbs satchel.png

More powerful than the grenade, but with less range. Good for throwing into foxholes, windows or doors.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Throw satchel / Detonate
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 5 / 1


HLbs snark.png
HLbs snarkNest.png

A small alien creature that will bite any other living entity (including the player). They die after 10 seconds.

  • Primary: Throw snark
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 15 / 1

RPG (Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher)[edit]

Hlbs rpg.png
Hlbs rpgAmmo.png

Rockets will fly towards the laser target, or in a straight line when it is switched off. Good for bigger enemies.

  • Primary / Secondary Fire: Launch rocket / Switch laser on/off
  • Max Ammo / Clip: 5 / 1
  • Damage: 100