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Dr Arne. Magnusson[edit]

HL2Character Magnusson.jpg

Dr. Arne Magnusson is a character introduced in Episode Two who is head of the White Forest base. Throughout the game, he is working on the satellite which will be launched to close the Combine superportal, and prevent a repeat of the seven-hour war. While rude and impatient, Magnusson has developed a following among the Vortigaunts of the base, who repeat his phrases, and treat him well — particularly Uriah, his partner, who treats him with reverence.

Magnusson himself is one of the few survivors of Black Mesa, along with Dr. Isaac Kleiner and Dr. Eli Vance, who are also with him at White Forest working on the satellite. As well as the satellite, Magnusson has developed the Magnusson Device, an anti-strider weapon used in the final battle in Episode Two to destroy the invading striders.