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Controls Action
LT button
  • Throw Grenade
  • Use Secondary Weapon
RT button Use Primary Weapon
LB button
  • Dual Wield
  • Reload or Swap Secondary Weapon
  • Select Grenade Type
RB button
  • Action
  • Reload Primary Weapon
Start button
  • Pause
  • Settings
Back button
  • View Multiplayer Score
  • Carnage Report
Neutral lstick
  • Move
  • Strafe
L button Crouch
Neutral rstick
  • Aim
  • Turn
  • Look
R button Zoom
Y button Swap Weapon
B button Melee
A button Jump
X button Use Equipment
Up dpad Flashlght (Campaign)


Controls Action
LT button Thrust (Flying Cam)
RT button
  • Slow Motion
  • Fast Forward
LB button Move Down (Flying Cam)
RB button Move Up (Flying Cam)
Neutral lstick Move Camera
L button Pan (Flying Cam)
Neutral rstick
  • Look
  • Rotate Camera (Flying Cam)
Y button
  • Flying Cam
  • Player Cam
B button Hide/Show HUD
A button Play/Pause
X button Hide/Show Control Pad
Neutral dpad Switch Players (Player Cam)


Controls Action
LT button Thrust
RT button Hold to Rotate Selected Item
LB button Move Down
RB button Move Up
Neutral lstick
  • Move
  • Rotate Selected Item
Neutral rstick
  • Look
  • Rotate Selected Item
Y button Delete Item
B button Hold to Drop Selected Item
A button Pick Up/Drop Item
X button Inventory/Item Options
Up dpad Play/Edit Mode