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  • Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Pistol
  • Recommended Skulls Activated: Black Eye, Thunderstorm, Famine and Tough Luck

Walk it off[edit]

At first you'll realize that the assault rifle Johnson gave you isn't in your hands. Don't panic, it'll appear in your hands once you went near to the arbiter. Then 1st time players will want to test their Spartan powers first by overtaking the marines and realizing you can easily jump to platforms while they have to climb. You will also get an objective: Get to the River for evac. Where's the river? Don't worry, the marines and the Arbiter will lead you to it. Follow the narrow canyon like path and you'll find an open area with a nice little waterfall. Look left where the log is and jump over it.

After jumping, you'll hear a captain brute say, “Spread out you grunts, find them!" that’s because they also saw you crash here but Johnson found you first so too bad! Now kill the grunts first if you are playing on legendary or turned on the Catch skull because grunts just simply love to throw plasma grenades and if you kill the brute leading them before killing them one of them will stick two or three plasma grenades on themselves and scream gibberish or "KAMIKAZE!!!" and charge towards you and with you trying to kill the more important enemies, you won't probably notice the insane grunt exploding in front of you and with the Iron skull activated, you simply won't like that. Then a Phantom will come and drop another squad of a brute and 5-6 grunts. Kill them. Simple as that! Then turn to your right and kill yet another squad. After you kill them, another squad comes right out of your next destination! Then you'll get to a reintroduction of the Sleeping grunts, first introduced in Halo CE, which the marines will advise you to take them out quietly. How? By meleeing them, which counts as assassinations. Unfortunately, some Grunts wake up soon, patrol shift most likely. They will eventually spot you and two brutes will arrive with squads of jackals. Kill them swiftly and follow the Arbiter to the next area.

Johnson should radio you by now and orders you to find the Bravo squad that he lost connection to earlier on. When you get to a area that a brute will be threatening the Bravo's Sargeant. Interfere with the scene by shooting the brute's armour off. He'll drop the Sarge and bring his squad of grunts and you'll know what to do next. Then, the Sargeant will explain that the brute killed his squad. Travel on and find jackal snipers and two brutes leading grunts. Kill them, and go through the cave and get Cortana saying: "Would you sacrifice me to complete your mission? Would you watch me die?".

The marines will notice something happened and ask if your okay. Later turn sharp left when exiting the tunnel and swap your pistol for a battle rifle. Then retrace your steps and move onwards to a wide opening and we will be finished with 'Walk it off'!