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  • Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Spartan Laser


The level starts with you exiting a Pelican. You are accompanied by several Marines, and you're being dropped onto a beach with two Shades, an AA Wraith, multiple Brutes, and a large number of Grunts. In front of you are two rocks. Take cover (if you need it) behind the rock to your right. Most of the grunts will run the between the two rocks, so you can shoot the plasma batteries to kill/injure most of them. A couple others will run around the sides, and headshotting them with the BR should be easy. The rest of the Grunts will follow a brute to a third rock, closer to the AA Wraith, and will stand next to him as he stands on it. Either Laser him or BR him (on easier difficulties you can just run up and melee him). The other grunts will retreat, but the you and marines will mop up the rest easily. Use your Laser to destroy the Shades and, if you have the shot, the Brute Chieftain as well. If you follow the river to the base of the hill the Wraith is on, you will run into about four Brutes with Maulers. Two of them will probably stand in a regenerator, where you can beat them down. The other two you can easily BR. If the Chieftain is still alive, you can try to run behind him and assassinate him, or throw a grenade st his feet and shoot him. On easier difficulties you can simply melee him a lot. Here, you can either enter the AA Wraith or destroy it. To destroy it, just board it and melee a couple times. If you want to drive it, crouch on the hood with your Laser out. Hit the door until it falls off. Melee the Brute in the head so that his helmet falls off. Swap to a BR and hold RB button. Aim so that the reticule falls over the brutes head, but it doesn't give you an option to board the Wraith. If done correctly, when you shoot you enter the Wraith and it doesn't explode, but occasionally it blows up and you enter it anyway, so you simply cannot move or shoot unless you get out.


A pelican will land and drop off a Mongoose and Warthog. Take a vehicle of your choice, Wraith or Warthog preferable, into the gap in the cliffs. Two Ghosts will come out the left entrance, and further up will be some Jackals, Grunts, and a Shade. You can either drive by or blow them up. Once you reach the top an abandoned ghost will be waiting for you, as well as a few Beam Rifles. There will be one or two Shades, a Wraith, about two or three Brutes, two Prowlers, and about four Ghosts. Either fight them with a vehicle of your choice or snipe them. Use the Laser to kill the Wraith. The Prowlers do not come immediately, so be on your guard. Once these are destroyed, there will be a tunnel going into the ground. Inside will be Grunts, Jackals, a Shade, and Brutes. If you have a Wraith, bombard the tunnel and then walk in. If you have a Mongoose, get out, and get into a Ghost or Warthog. Drive at full speed down the tunnel and ram the Shade. Immediatly exit and dispose of the survivors. More brutes will come out through the door, so don't let them surprise you. Next to the door, by the Storage Containers, will be some Equipment. Taking the Camo is your best bet.

Tower 1[edit]

Once you enter, a glass wall will be in front of you. You can always retreat here to recover shields. If you haven't already, swap out your Laser for a new gun. The area has mostly Grunts, with some Brutes and Jackals. You can either kill them or run past, to the back door. You come meet some Jackals, Grunts, and Brutes. Shooting the Plasma Batteries will kill most of them. Once they are dead, go onto the elevator and ride it up. A Chieftain with a Hammer and some Brutes will be waiting for you. Either BR/stick the Brutes or (on easier difficulties) run up to the Chieftain. Wait until he charges and starts to swing, run around behind him, and assassinate him. Grab the Hammer and kill the other Brutes with it. Deactivate the tower and go back to the elevator. Once down, jump off the back of it and you will meet some marines battling a few grunts and jackals. Kill them with whatever gun you have that isn't your hammer and grab the Mongoose waiting outside.


Drive back the way you came until you meet the Hornets landing. Grab one and take off, or wait for some Marines to get on. In the air their will be a large group of Banshees and a Phantom. On the ground on an Island will be an AA Wraith and a couple Brutes. They pose no threat, so destroy them or move on. Focus on the Banshees first, using your machine guns and missiles to destroy them. Once they are all dead, focus on the Phantom's turret and missile it off. After that just strafe and keep constant fire on the Phantom until it explodes. Outside of the tower are two AA Wraiths, a regular Wraith, a company of brutes, a Chieftain, and a Shade. Allied Phantoms will also start landing and dropping of Elites. Strafe and use missiles to destroy the tanks and turret. Once that is done, on the high lip over the Chieftain, there are a large number of Plasma batteries. Shoot them to kill the Brutes. Fire on the Brutes on the ground to kill them, but they may try to hit you with a Power drain. Once they have all retreated or died, hop out and enter the tunnel. The Elites will help you kill the rest. Use grenades here, they are in close quarters and a single grenade can do a lot of damage. Once they are dead, run in.

Tower 2[edit]

There will be two Hunters, a swarm of Drones, and groups of Jackals, Brutes, and Grunts. You can kill the Hunters with the Hammer, Grenades, or shooting them in the orange spot on their backs. The Drones will fly into the tunnel on the left, and a Hammer in the middle of them or some rapid gun fire should kill most of them. After you go through the back door, a group of 5-7 Brutes will be waiting for you. Grenades and then the Hammer should kill them before they get organized. As you get on the elevator, a swarm of drones will attack, but they fly by you into the area where the Brutes died. Either fight them or use the control panel on the Elevator as a shield to escape. A the top, a Chieftain will be waiting for you, along with some invisible Brutes. Use your camo and run up behind the Chieftain and assassinate him. Use the hammer to kill the invisible ones. Once you deactivate the tower, pick up the Plasma Cannon the Brute had and mow down the Flood. Run to the elevator and help the Marines fight off the Flood. Outside the tower, two carrier forms are approaching, so kill them with grenades.


A Pelican will drop off a tank to your right, so enter that and let a couple of Marines on. Drive through the canyon and destroy the Shade and Brutes with your Scorpion. Once in the open area, a couple Ghosts, Prowlers, Shades, and Brutes will attempt to stop you. Remember to lead shots with your cannon against moving vehicles. Target the Ghosts first, then any turrets, and then stationary platforms. Any infantry will be killed by Marines; don't worry about them. When you encounter the Wraith, shoot the Platform first. The Brute on it has a Fuel Rod Gun, which will be dangerous to fight. Then keep driving towards the Wraith and shooting it, until it explodes. Drive to the edge if the cliff and enter a Hornet. Fly circles around a Scarab, shooting at one leg, until the leg breaks. Go to it's back and blow off the armor. After that a couple shots should destroy the Core and fly to the other Scarab and repeat. Do not ever go near the scarab when it starts to explode! Once they are destroyed, you can kill anything left alive.


Land and get out on the structure with the Phantom dropping off troops. Once the bridge forms, run or fly across and continue walking. The Flood at this point are allies, so don't shoot them. Take cover behind the metal holding up the rings as needed, and use grenades or a mid-range gun to kill the enemies. Continue to he next bridge, where the Brutes have jet packs. Follow their movements through the air to stick them. Fight the way you did on the first bridge, just remember that the Brutes can jump over you. Two jackals will be sniping on the structure above the door. At the end of one of the bridges will be a Brute with a Hammer. Don't go near the edge of the bridge when fighting the Brute. Use the hammer after the Flood turn on you to kill them quickly. Keep running through the bridges, killing anything in your way with the Hammer. At the end, kill he Carrier forms with grenades and jump down the blue chute.