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Spartans are trained to use any weapon found on the battlefield — Human or otherwise. This training and philosophy means that resupply is always just one victory away. Efficient and deadly, Spartans often look at opposing forces as a kind of mobile weapons cache.

USNC Weapons[edit]

Gun Hand Shoot Pick Up Gun/Reload Y button B button
Right RT button RB button Change Primary Weapon Melee Attack
Left LT button LB button Drop Secondary Weapon Drop Weapon
Melee Attack
M6G Pistol
  • 12 rounds/Magazine
  • Can Dual-Wield
A recoil-operated, semi-automatic handgun. Accurate and utilitarian in design, it is the ideal sidearm for a wide variety of USNC troops, packing a strong punch for such a small gun.
Sub Machine Gun
  • 60 Rounds/Magazine
  • Can Dual-Wield
Sub-machine Guns, while not accurate over long distances, are particularly effective at close quarters. What this model lacks in accuracy, it makes up for in magazine capacity, with a rather large clip.
Assault Rifle
  • 32 Rounds/Magazine
Gas operated, fully-automatic projectile rifle capable of sustained continuous fire. Accurate if used in short, well-aimed bursts and is otherwise ferociously powerful at close range.
Battle Rifle
  • 36 Rounds/Magazine
The UNSC's accurate semi-automatic medium-range rifle, fires three rounds per squeeze of the trigger. This particular rifle has a 5x zoom making it ideal for mid-ranged battles. Press R button to zoom in and out.
  • 6 8 Gauge Shells
The UNSC's resident close-quarters assault weapon. One shot to your foe's head is likely to take it clean off with a blast from one of these semi-automatic shotguns.
Sniper Rifle
  • 4 Rounds/Magazine
The primary sniper rifle system used by UNSC forces. The clip will leave some to be desired, but the power will not. Equipped with a scope capable of 5x and 10x zoom, great for the long range, incognito, battles. Press R button to zoom in for 5x, again for 10x and once more to zoom out.
Rocket Launcher
  • 2 HE Rockets per
    Launch Assembly
Equipped with a 5x scope, this Rocket Launcher has a high degree of both destructive force and accuracy. Though it packs a punch, it has the burden of limited rounds before reload as well as a minimal carrying capacity. Use your rockets wisely.
Spartan Laser
  • 5 Shots/Charge
A directed energy weapon. Its battery conservation scheme requires the user to give its target fair warning during the brief charge lag. A zoomed scope will assist in aiming, but the quickness of the blast will leave many missing their targets anyway, unless truly skilled. However, it is still one of the most powerful portable armaments in the UNSC arsenal.
Halo 3 WAV M6 GGNR Screenshot.png

Covenant Weapons[edit]

Plasma Pistol
Plasma Pistol
  • 100-150 kV, 2-3 dA
  • Can Dual-Wield
This Covenant weapon is capable of quickly firing low-powered shots, or of charging a single high-powered shot which can rapidly deplete energy shielding.
Plasma Rifle
Type-25 DER
  • 420-600 Rounds a
    Minute [variable]
  • Can Dual-Wield
A common, light plasma weapon favored by Covenant forces. The plus factor? You never need to reload this gun. The down side? There will be brief pauses from shooting if the gun is left to overheat from constant, non-stop firing.
Mauler - (Type-52 Pistol)
  • 5 shells/Magazine
  • Can Dual-Wield
This massive handgun is favored by Brutes and is based on their native, pre-Covenant technology. It packs a devastating punch, but is fairly inaccurate at long ranges. The cross-hair display is possibly too large for even some to use in short-range situations.
Brute Spiker
Type-25 Carbine
  • 48 Spikes/Magazine
  • Can Dual-Wield
This vicious and dangerous rifle is favored by Brutes and based on their native, pre-Covenant technology. Shoots sharp, inaccurate spikes that allow you to mow down your foes quickly.
Type-33 GML
  • 30 Needles/Caddy
Razor-sharp crystalline projectiles with a combined explosive property are fired from this elaborate Covenant weapon. The projectiles follow the desired target, like a homing missile, but to a lesser extent. A very destructive weapon when the enemy cannot get away (the needles will track targets, but not from a very long, or very short distance away).
Type-51 Carbine
  • 36 Rounds/Magazine
An unusual Covenant projectile weapon, firing shielded radioactive rounds. This semi-automatic has a 5x zoom allowing for some mid-range precision shooting. A single-shot rifle.
Brute Shot
Type-25 GL
  • 6 Rounds/Belt
This semi-automatic gun launches explosive projectiles pretty accurately at even long ranges. It also has a deadly bayonet equipped under its barrel, which is very dangerous at close quarters. Its only drawback is the limitation of ammo, allowing for only 6 rounds per belt, while only being able to carry 2 extra belts. It can be used to flip light vehicles.
Beam Rifle
Type-50 Sniper Rifle
  • 18 Shots/Charge
The Covenant equivalent to the sniper rifle, a hand-carried particle beam weapon, with an adjustable 5–10x scope. Again, no reload required, has a minor drawback of brief pauses from shooting if the gun overheats from a happy trigger. Press R button to zoom in for 5x, again for 10x and once more to zoom out.
Energy Sword
Type-1 EW/Sword
  • 10 Hits/Charge
Favored by Elites, this energy weapon is more dangerous than its ceremonial nature implies. Allows for easy slaying of any foe while also offering a somewhat defensive property if swung at the same time as one is swung in your direction. Only take it out when your enemy is near; you will be shot down if someone spots you from afar.
Gravity Hammer
Type-2 EW/Hammer
  • 20 Swings/Charge
Favored by Brutes, this weapon is as much a symbol of leadership as it is a weapon. The brute force behind this weapon allows you to pummel your enemies. Offers a defensive property, allowing you to bat projectiles away with a simple swing. What you miss, the force of gravity caused by the swing is likely to hit. It can actually deflect rockets if timed correctly.
Halo 3 Weapons Hammer2.png


You can carry a maximum of two of each grenade type at a time. Press LB button to switch between available grenade types when not dual-wielding. Note that in the Campaign, grenades explode upon melee (or any other form of damage).

Fragment Grenade
  • M9 HE-DP
  • Kill Radius: 5m
  • Casualty Radius: 15m
Standard issue UNSC fragmentation grenade. Ideal for, but not to be limited to, enemies in small areas. Bounce them off walls to get to hard-to-reach areas. Your foes will either take a hit or come out from hiding.
Plasma Grenade
  • Type-1 AP-G
  • Kill Radius: 4m
  • Casualty Radius: 12m
Highly explosive Covenant grenade. The beauty of these little blue/purple grenades is that they have an adhesive casing, allowing you to stick these directly to your foes. Hopefully they don't notice and run after you before the fuse goes...
Spike Grenade
  • Type-2 AP-FG
  • Kill Radius: 3m
  • Casualty Radius: 11m
A new grenade for the Spartan arsenal is the requisitioned Brute Spike grenade, a primitive and deadly explosive device that impales any target. Has a somewhat adhesive property that holds tight until it explodes in a shredding hail of razor sharp metal.

Support weapons[edit]

Halo 3 introduces the idea of Support weapons, large weapons that require the player to be controlled in third-person view. Players cannot melee, nor throw grenades while using these weapons. A turret is typically activated by pressing RB button. A Spartan, however, is strong enough to tear off these weapons (press B button while using the turret) and use them almost like rifles. When detached, these weapons have limited ammunition capacity.

Machine Gun
  • AIE-486H
  • 200 Rounds/Belt
A Spartan is easily strong enough to remove, or more accurately, rip a turret-mounted machine gun from its tripod base. Although doing so will detach it from its main ammo feed, a Spartan can use whatever is left attached to the gun to devastating effect. It’s heavy even for a Spartan, and slow to spin up to full firing rate. It's more effective against flesh than shields.
Plasma Cannon
  • Type-52 Automatic
    Plasma Cannon
  • 200 Shots/Charge
Very similar to the above machine gun, shooting plasma rounds instead of bullets. Better at stripping shields off the opponent, but not as good against flesh.
Missile Pod
  • LAU-65D
  • 8 Guided Missiles/Charger
Great for taking down vehicles quickly. The missiles are equipped with a homing beacon allowing them to change direction in the air to follow their originally intended target. The missiles will also explode after a set amount of time. The enemy will, however, hear a beeping noise when the missile is locked on.
Flame Thrower
  • M7057 DP
  • 100 oz/Charger
The M7057 is a standard chemical flamethrower, which projects and ignites a stream of volatile, semi-liquid fuel.

Other weapons[edit]

These objects can be used in melee attacks. Note that these weapon will kill anyone instantly and are used mostly in multi-player modes, aside from the hidden skulls in campaign mode. To pick these up, hold RB button. To attack, press B button.

Halo3-Ball.png Standard issue information storage and sensory group housing.
Halo3-Bomb.png Mainly used for blowing up targets, but yes, you can hit people with it!
Halo3-Flag.png Its sole purpose is to bring it back to your base, but you will need to swing it to defend yourself.