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Team Ham-hams[edit]

  • Hamtaro: A white and orange male ham-ham. He works hard to help his friends.
  • Bijou: A white female ham-ham that wears two blue bows.
  • Cappy: A white and brown male ham-ham that wears a green cap. He loves hats and is rarely seen without one.
  • Boss: An older tan and brown spotted field ham-ham that is somewhat of a leader to the others.
  • Oxnard: A white and grey spotted male ham-ham. He is Hamtaro’s best friend and somewhat of a worrywart.
  • Pashmina: A white and tan female ham-ham that wears a pink scarf. She is rarely seen without her sister Penelope.
  • Penelope: Pahsmina's little sister. Even though she can't talk yet Pashmina can understand her.

Team Rainbow[edit]

  • Bo:
  • Daisy: The yellow Rainbow Girl.
  • Ivy: The green Rainbow Girl.
  • Rosy: The magenta Rainbow Girl.

Team Djungle[edit]

A team straight out of the jungle. All of them wearing animal like costumes from the jungle.

  • Leo: A ham-ham dressed like a lion.
  • Bunny: A ham-ham dressed like a pink bunny.
  • Stripes: A ham-ham dressed like a zebra.
  • Warts: A ham-ham dressed like a green frog.

Team Seahams[edit]

A pirate themed team. All of the crew wear red and white striped outfits.

  • Captain Hamstern:
  • Hambone:
  • Cubbie:
  • Hambeard:
  • Hamberto: