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Hanii in the Sky
Box artwork for Hanii in the Sky.
Release date(s)
System(s)PC Engine
ModesSingle player
Followed byHanii on the Road
TwitchHanii in the Sky Channel

Hanii in the Sky (はにいいんざすかい Haniī n za sukai?) is a vertical shoot-'em-up by Face, an obscure PC Engine developer best known in the west for Money Puzzle Exchanger. The player controls the eponymous Hanii, a sentient haniwa figurine, as they shoot down legions of demonic spirits and youkai in the air. He is set to this task by ancient Japanese deity Izanagi, with the ultimate goal of rescuing his wife/sister deity Izanami.

The chief feature of Hanii in the Sky is the protagonist's ability to change the direction of their weapon, allowing the player to shoot in eight different directions total. This is often required to defeat enemy waves emerging from all sides of the screen as well as the fast-moving bosses. The player can also upgrade Hanii's weaponry, allowing him to fire in more directions simultaneously, as well as purchase health refills and other useful items from Izanagi.

Hanii in the Sky was eventually followed by a sequel: Hanii on the Road. Unlike Sky, Hanii on the Road is more of a ground-based auto-scrolling action platformer with lane-switching.

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