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This is the combat spell in the game. It is used for almost everything; pushing stuff, activating switches and defeating enemies.


This spell is used to open secrets, magically locked doors and open chests.

Wingardium Leviosa[edit]

This spell levitates blocks. When levitated, use  ↑  ↓  to move it and PC Mouse Left Click.png to drop it onto the plate. It does a random effect.


Plant abuse: This spell destroys Spiked Bushes and Snapping Venus Flytraps.


Aim at a Gargoyle and some ledges may appear where before there were none.

Mixed list[edit]

This list needs to be merged into the other versions of the game. In the GBC version, spells are only used in battle.

This spell knocks objects over, stuns magical creatures, pushes specially-marked blocks out of the way, and triggers switches. Harry learns this spell in his first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson (PC and GBA) or from Nearly Headless Nick (PS), or from Ollivander (GCN).
Alohomora (PC GCN)
This spell unlocks magical locks. Hermione teaches Harry this spell before their Charms lesson (PC) or when they're trying to flee from Fluffy (GCN).
Wingardium Leviosa(PC)
This spell levitates small blocks, conveniently marked with a "W". Harry learns this spell in his Charms lesson.
This spell shrivels Spiky Bushes and temporarily stuns Venomous Tentaculas. Harry learns this spell in his Herbology lesson. In the GCN version, it burns enemies.
This spell conjures up platforms of light that Harry can walk on, or makes certain sections of wall become walk-through. Harry learns this spell in his second Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.
Verdimillius (PS)
This spell is cast on invisible platforms to make them appear. Harry can then walk on these platforms before they become invisible again. Harry learns this spell in his Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.
Locomotor Mortis
This spell is used to immobilise enemies. Not in PC.
This spell shoots red sparks at an enemy. Not in PC.
Shoots green sparks at an enemy. Not in PC.
Locomotor Wibbly
A less powerful version of Locomotor Mortis that immobilises the enemy's hands. Not in PC.
Mucus Adnauseam
Poisons the enemy with a serious cold. The enemy takes damage each turn and finds it harder to use spells. Not in PC.
Flipendo Duo
A more powerful version of Flipendo. It's "powering-up sound" is higher pitched, and when fully charged, glows purple-white instead of blue-white. Not in PC.

Harry also learns to make a Wiggenweld Potion. The ingredients are Moly, Wiggentree Bark, Flobberworm Mucus and Dittany. In the GCN game, Harry can make different potions from recipes in a Recipe Book.