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First we see all the first years rushing out of the Great Hall after being sorted in houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Once Harry rushes out we see Dumbledore walking slowly down the steps and talking to Harry Potter about secrets (which you'll find all over Hogwarts), Bertie Botts (Which you must collect around Hogwarts) and Chocolate Frogs (Which must be collected once you need stamina. Okay, now Harry must go to Defence Against the Dark Arts class now, so first you must go up the steps and at the top of the steps you find Harry's newest friend Ron. After the cutscene follow Ron to his brothers and there the tutorial will begin. Fred and George tell you to walk up to the bookcase to climb up, so that's what you must do. You meet up with them again, but this time you must jump to the book case, then the next one. On the bookcase to the right you must hold up and keep running and climb up instead of jumping because Peeves might attack you if you jump to the bookcase, so climb it. Jump across the bookcases until you come to Fred and George again at the top of the steps. They start to talk to you and tell you to collect 25 beans so collec all the beans around the area. Once you get all the beans give them to Fred and he'll give you a Wizard Card and they'll reveal the way to your class. Climb up the bookcases, run up the steps and hear comes you new enemy Draco Malfoy and bodyguards Crabbe and Goyle. After their trash talk, talk to Hermione before going into class. Once you're inside the classroom you'll run to the front next to Hermione and Ron. Professor Quirrell calls Mr. P-Potter up to the front to show the class the Flipendo spell. Quirrell makes a symbol which is a spiral, use the mouse and hold down the left mouse button and make the same shape before time runs out, try to do all four. Once Harry has finished learning the spell, Harry follows Quirrell into the Flipendo Challenge.

Flipendo Challenge[edit]

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