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Sam's Traveling Shop:


Soil (10 G)

Softwood Lumber (100 G)

Hardwood Lumber (100 G)

Stone (100 G)


Cabbage Seeds (20 G)

Celery Seeds (20 G)

Onion Seeds (30 G)

Scallion Seeds (50 G)

Strawberry Seeds (20 G)

Tomato Seeds (20 G)

Corn Seeds (10 G)

Green Pepper Seeds (20 G)

Wheat Seeds (10 G)

Barely Seeds (10 G)

Hot Pepper Seeds (30 G)

Potato Seeds (30 G)

Carrot Seeds (20 G)

Brown Carrot Seeds (50 G)

Pumpkin Seeds (30 G)

Spinach Seeds (20 G)

Broccoli Seeds (30 G)

Blueberry Seeds (30 G)

Watermelon Seeds (60 G)

Asparagus Seeds (40 G)

Grapefruit Sprout (500 G)

Peach Sprout (500 G)

Apple Sprout (500 G)

Orange Sprout (500 G)

Leafy Tree Sprout (250 G)

Cone Tree Sprout (250 G)

Fertilizer and Feed

Fertilizer (50 G)

Peach Compost (350 G)

Apple Compost (350 G)

Orange Compost (350 G)

Mosquitofish Blend (350 G)

Carp Blend (350 G)

Berry Blend (350 G)

Tomato Blend (350 G)

Barley Blend (350 G)

Durum Wheat Blend (350 G)

Organic Compost (350 G)

Bass Blend (350 G)

Asparagus Blend (350 G)

Animal Feed (20 G)

Great Animal Feed (70 G)

Cooking Items

Salt (150 G)


Animal Medicine (5000 G)

Chicken Medicine (3500 G)

Carol's Flower Shop:


Marguerite Seeds (60 G)

Tulip Seeds (50 G)

Pink Rose Seeds (75 G)

Sunflower Seeds (60 G)

Pink Dahlia Seeds (50 G)

Red Rose Seeds (75 G)

Cosmos Seeds (60 G)

Carnation Seeds (65 G)

White Rose Seeds (75 G)

Pink Pansy Seeds (60 G)

Blue Rose Seeds (75 G)