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In sandy storms and rainy dawns you are wandering in the desert because you thought it was a good idea. You find yourself at a dry well and collapse from dehydration. Now you wake up with the harvest goddess who tells you what you need to do. Evidently the brain trauma from lack of water and falling down on your head makes you completely compliant to any and all wishes of this goddess.

Follow the tutorials, and once the flower people come in you get an exploit, and an even bigger one once the merchant comes in the next day. Now the flower people Dean and Carol, want a flower. Dean will give you 4 flower seeds until you actually give them a flower. Once the merchant Sam gets in, you can talk to Dean and then sell them to Sam for buckets of cash if you want to. Dean is one of the guys you can marry. The Harvest Goddess is another, but if you picked a girl character that's not possible.

Soon you get Cyril. He's another choice of someone to romance for the marriage. He's very naive and needs someone to take care of him, but he's not very wealthy

A key thing to remember is visit and talk to each person everyday. They give you quests to do which will make them happy. Currently you should buy all the seeds you can, till all tillable soil and get planting. More money is good. But exploits are even better when you now have 99 cabbage seeds.

Once you give Carol a flower, you'll be whisked away to the Harvest Goddess who restores another tree. This one is in your field, and sadly there is a fence around it so you can't chop it down for a quick buck. If you've been taking to all the characters you can, you should have one quest from the harvest goddess for some small onions and one from Dean after you give his mommy a flower. He wants mulch and soil. You can buy soil from Sam, but mulch will come later. You have to find a way to the Harvest sprites who are waiting for us on the other side of the waterfall to the Goddess spring.