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Level 1 (Graveyard)[edit]

Boss: Medusa

Drop bombs as many as possible.

Level 2 (Cave)[edit]

Boss: Skelledragon

When he is stalking around you, whip or mace his head.

Level 3 (Banquet Room)[edit]

Boss: Stainded Glass Knight

If you have Holy Cross and Sword you can beat him easily. Be care when he jumps and walk under him only.

Level 4 (Basement)[edit]

Boss: Stone Golem

Use Watch or Holy Cross. Jump when he attacks you, you will receive damage anyway but it should be less than what you deal.

Level 5 (Clocktower)[edit]

Boss: Frankestein

Use Holy Cross. Watch out when he hits the wall and drops giant blocks above you. Fortunately, he is chained.

Level 6 (Vampire's Castle)[edit]

Boss: Dracula (Human Form)

Use the Holy Cross. When he transforms into bats, crouch at the middle of the screen.

Boss: Dracula (Giant Form)

Use the Holy Cross two times against him.