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Back at Shelby's office/apartment you'll wake up at your desk. After a certain time, you'll get a visitor at the door, so you can walk around and interact with various things in the meantime. When you answer the buzzer, you'll find it's Lauren Winter, the mother you first interviewed back in Sleazy Place. You'll invite her in and have some options about how to receive her, such as taking her coat, asking her sit or getting her a glass of water. If you don't make any choice, she'll just go in and sit down in front of you desk. Go sit across from her and she'll hand you an envelope her boyfriend received when their son was abducted. After noting the address seems to have been produced on an old typewriter, you'll thank Lauren and try to get her to leave. She wants in on the case however, and won't give you the envelope unless you agree to let her join your investigation. You can choose any speech options you like, but nothing will dissuade her, so like it or not you now have a new partner.