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Cat & Mouse
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Cat & Mouse
Chase Korda and beat him in a fight.

The other suspect you and Blake are checking out is a thug named Korda. You'll find him walking out of a building with a cup of coffee. When you go up to talk with him, he'll throw the coffee in Blake's face and take off running. The chase is a quicktime sequence that will take you through the street, into a grocery market and finally into the cold storage room in the back. If you mess up the sequence during the chase, he'll just get away. If you make it to the freezer, you'll pull out your gun and start looking for Korda among the hanging sides of beef. After a certain amount of time, he'll attack you, knocking your gun away. At this point another quicktime sequence ensues, this time as a fight. If you mess up here, Blake will charge in and save the day, otherwise he shows up after you've subdued him. Either way, you'll book him and take him back to the station.