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The Chef
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The Chef
Make good scrambled eggs.

When you get back to the apartment, Lauren will take a shower to warm up after commenting on your files, including a list of subscribers to origami magazines. While she's in the shower, you'll be expected to cook some eggs for her. Open up the fridge in the kitchen to grab two eggs, then pick up the frying pan from the drying rack on the counter. Crack the eggs into the pan with downward tugs on the controller, then pick up the spatula and stir the eggs. When you turn the stove on, the eggs will start cooking and when you turn it off, you'll flop them out onto a plate for Lauren. While the eggs are cooking, you'll be prompted to stir them up. You'll know they're done when you get a cut scene showing the steam coming off of them. Lauren won't eat the eggs if they're raw or overcooked, so turning off the stove prematurely or late will ruin them.

As soon as you turn the stove off, Lauren will turn off the shower and come into the kitchen. Move around a little bit to trigger her reaction to the eggs, then ask her about the notebook. It's the records she took from Manfred's containing the list of people who bought Royal 5 typewriters or had one repaired. There are about 30 on the list, but she thinks you can narrow it down by cross-referencing them against the list of subscribers to origami magazines. When she goes back out to your desk, follow her in to trigger a short cut scene montage of you two going over the records.