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You are now playing during the present time (October 2011). Since the events at the mall, you've been separated from your wife and you're now dealing with a heavy dose of depression. In contrast to the bright, sunny opening chapters, the rest of the game will be played out in gray, miserable weather.

You start the chapter waiting outside of Shaun's school to take him home. He'll get into the car by himself, so just go around to the driver's side to get in and drive home.

The schedule[edit]

Good Father
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Good Father
Follow the schedule on the chalkboard in the kitchen.

When you get home, you'll glance over at a small chalkboard on the wall above the kitchen counter. If you head over there and hold Up rstick, you'll see a schedule of times and activities for Shaun to follow. There are a couple clocks around the house, which you can look at in the same way as the chalkboard to keep tabs on the time. You don't have to hit the times exactly, but try to get as close as you can. Completely ignoring anything on the schedule will muck up your chances at the trophy, and if you wait too long the same can happen. If you see Shaun get up and do something that you were supposed to do, like take down a bag of chips from cupboard, you'll know you've messed up.

First you need to talk to Shaun before you can start doing anything. Next, get him a snack from the kitchen by grabbing an orange off the counter. Listen to your thoughts and select the one about Shaun being sick, so that you can open the medicine cabinet in the bathroom upstairs. Your next task is to tell your son to do his homework. He'll argue with you, but just be firm. When he's done, check it over, then head upstairs into the bathroom to get the medicine. Take it back down to him and ask him if he wants dinner. In the refrigerator you'll have two options, and either one works. Just pop it in the microwave and then set it on the table. At bedtime, make Shaun go to bed and stop watching television, then follow him upstairs and talk to him when he's done brushing his teeth. He wants his teddy bear, and you can find it downstairs in the laundry/pantry next to the kitchen. Grab the bear from on top of the washer machine and take it back up to him.

Other options[edit]

There are a lot of possibilities around the house, and you can do some of them in between the scheduled tasks, or explore on a separate play-through. There is beer in the fridge, a basketball and hoop outside, laundry to do or you can always just sit on any of the plentiful chairs. In the entry hall you'll find an interesting piece of mail by the front door and a newspaper with a story about the Origami Killer by the bathroom. Upstairs you can look at a drawing in Shaun's room or see the old plans you were working on from the prologue (depending on how much work you did on it) in a side room. You can also watch old, sad clips there.

Whether you've followed the schedule or not, once Shaun is in bed, you'll end the chapter by entering your bedroom, which will throw you into a nightmarish blackout.