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In this chapter, Ethan and Madison meet for the first time and begin a friendship. Madison can't sleep at her apartment, so she ended up at the same motel as Ethan, trying to find an answer to her insomnia.

Get a room[edit]

Hop off your bike and walk into the reception lobby of the motel and ring the bell on the counter while you listen to the newscast on the television. The clerk will come out and have you sign the register before giving you a key to room 201. Head outside and make your way to one of the stairwells. You room is the last room on the restaurant side of the motel, on the top floor. When you get up there, try to enter your room when you'll see Ethan clinging to the rail a little ways down from you. Walk over to him and you'll see he's hurt. Help him farther down the walkway to his room, number 207.

Help Ethan[edit]

Inside, help Ethan over to the bed, then look over his injuries. In the bathroom you can open the medicine cabinet to see what it has to offer. You can pick things up by pressing Neutral rstick in different directions, and Madison will inspect them to see what they are. Ethan has cuts and a couple broken ribs, so he needs antiseptic and painkillers (Up rstick and Down rstick, respectively, in the cabinet). Whichever one you grab first, take it back to Ethan and administer it. The painkillers you can just give to him and he'll take them himself. The antiseptic you'll need to daub on his forehead. On difficulties other than easy, this is a slowly unfolding movement; going too fast will sting Ethan, but it doesn't have any other negative consequences. You only get two chances to help him, so for example if you mess up and give him the wrong medicine in the beginning, you can only give him painkillers or swab his forehead. Afterwards, you'll help him into the shower.

All done[edit]

While Ethan is showering, you can snoop through his stuff (the box, if you put it on the table during The Motel, and Ethan's jacket, which is on the bed) or sit down in the chair next to the door and wait. During this scene, press Cross button to respond to Ethan's questions. After Madison leaves, you'll sit down at the desk and open another Origami figure, which will give you the address of the second trial.

Nothing in this chapter affects the story or trophies, so just do whatever you feel like.