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This chapter is only available if Jayden survived Mad Jack. You'll come here right after Sexy Girl if Madison is still alive, or straight from Flowers on the Grave, otherwise. You got Paco's name from Mad Jack before you arrested or killed him, and now you'll want to ask him some questions to find out who was using the killer's car.

Paco's killer[edit]

Perfect Crime
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Perfect Crime
Let Jayden die.
4 / 6 tasks

You'll start out by talking with the bouncer when you first come in. If Madison was there before you, you'll see her walking out at this point, and you'll see a split screen action of Paco talking to a shadowy figure up in his office. After flashing your badge to the bouncer, you'll need to head upstairs to the office. Show your badge again to the bodyguard when you get up there, then go through the door and walk down the hall to the office door. During this time you may have witnessed Paco's guest shooting him in the head, although if you were too quick, you might not see that much of the split screen scene.

Either way, knock once or twice on the door, then go inside. You can walk all over the office, but you won't be able to do anything, including using ARI, until you check out Paco's body in the chair behind his desk. After seeing he's been shot, put on your ARI glasses. You'll sense there's someone else in the room and you'll draw your weapon, but before you can turn around you'll be assaulted. Both the gun and the glasses will go flying, and you'll enter a quicktime sequence where you'll fight the masked killer. You can die here, so try not to miss any actions when he's got the sword in his hand. The most important part (besides dying), is to make the last input as he starts to leave, which tears his pocket open. You'll need the receipts that fall out to eventually trace the killer later on. When he's gone, if you perform the combo instructions quickly enough, you'll chase out after him, but you won't find him.

Investigate the office[edit]

Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Find all the clues in the office.
3 / 4 tasks

If you were quick enough to chase after the killer, go back to the office and question the bodyguard on the way if you want. You can't leave until you pick up your glasses and handgun, so get those first. The glasses are right by the chair and broken fish tank. You gun is in the middle of the room, so make sure you're not trying to pick up the killer's gun by the door, or it might not go into ARI's clues. When you have your equipment, put on the glasses to begin looking for clues.

  • Killer's gun: By the door.
  • Bullet casing: In front of the stereo.
  • Paco's body: In the chair behind the desk.
  • Paco's fingerprints: On the stereo, on the desk.
  • Madison's fingerprints: On the roll of duct tape, on the lamp.
  • Orchid pollen: On the far side of the desk, near the punching bag.

When you're done, leave the room, go back downstairs and walk out of the club.