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This chapter is available if Madison survived The Doc.

Find Shaun[edit]

You've learned the killer's name from Ann Sheppard, so you've come to his apartment to find out where Shaun is. No one answers your knock on the door, so take out your lockpick equipment and use it to get inside. Once inside you can look all around the killer's home, and there is plenty of stuff to interact with. When you're ready, open the closet across from the front door, then push the clothes aside and knock on the back panel. Push the panel aside to reveal a secret door that opens up into a hidden room. Inside you'll find orchids growing, origami animals, an old typewriter with the same letter Ethan received in it, a video screen showing Shaun and a laptop. When you try to access the laptop, you'll have some options to tryout for passwords. If you get too many incorrect, you'll hear a noise and go outside to find the killer holding a gun in your face. If you choose the correct password ("Max"), you'll see the address of where Shaun is being held on the screen. Now when you leave the hidden room, you'll run into the killer and his gun.


Perfect Crime
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Perfect Crime
Let Madison die.
3 / 6 tasks
Cold as Ice
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Cold as Ice
Hide in the refrigerator to escape the blast.

After trying unsuccessfully to reason with him, the killer will send you back into the hidden room and lock you in, then set the place on fire. In addition to the existing fire and smoke, he's also left a propane tank set to explode on a timer. In the little room you'll be able to bang all over the walls, looking for a soft spot. After you've hit the wall once, you'll be able to pick up the radio speaker from the desk by holding Square button and tugging up on the controller. You'll also be able to go back to inputting passwords on the laptop if you didn't already get the correct one. When you have the speaker in hand, go to the wall opposite of where you picked it up and choose the option to tug the controller to the right. This will bust in the wall, revealing a weak spot. Shake the controller up and down to open it up, then hold the combo instructions to crawl through to the bedroom bathroom.

Go out the door, then use another set of combo actions followed by a quicktime button to jump out into the room. Move forward slightly and hold the combo instructions while tapping L1 button to flip the chair over so you can get by. From there head forward and go out the bedroom door. Follow the clear path through the fire around to the other side of the propane tank, where you can knock over a filing cabinet the same way you knocked the chair over before. Climb up on top of it, then perform another instruction combo followed by a quicktime button to jump over to two more doors. Use the door on the right, and you'll finally be in a room where you can escape. The two ways to survive the impending explosion are to hide in the refrigerator or to escape out the window. You can open up the fridge and knock out the shelves and other stuff, then hide inside with a combo press. To get out the window, clear the microwave out of the way with a tug to the left on the controller, then open up the window and climb out. In the fridge you'll survive the blast from inside the apartment, and out the window you'll jump to another window where you can run down the stairs and out to the street before the propane tank blows.

To die in this chapter, you can spend too much time in the apartment without getting to safety, or you can jump out a window. On the easiest difficulty you can just open a window with a normal movement, but on the other ones, you'll get burned if you open them too quickly. If you survived and you learned the address where Shaun is being held, you'll have the option to inform Ethan, Jayden or just go by yourself. If they already know where they're going they'll tell you so, or you'll have allowed them to show up when they normally wouldn't have. Either way, you'll hop on your motorcycle and drive off to end the chapter.