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Jayden's research has led him to the scrapyard where "Mad" Jack Neville works. You'll want to confirm that the Origami Killer's car has been there and get whatever information you can out of Mad Jack.


Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Find all the clues in the garage.
2 / 4 tasks

Exit your car and either head over to the bulldozer to talk to Mad Jack, or enter the vehicle bay to get his attention. You'll ask him about the car, but he won't say anything, so when he leaves put on your ARI glasses to look around for yourself. When you've found the three clues confirming that the killer's car was here (orchid pollen, matching tire tracks and blue paint), Jayden will say that the car was definitely there. At this point, if you walk back outside, Mad Jack will put a gun against your head and try to kill you, because you know too much. He'll do the same if you discover the skull floating in the acid bath near the front of the garage, regardless of what other clues you've found. So if you want to find everything, make sure you find the skull last, and don't walk out of the garage.

  • Blue paint: On the ground at the back of the garage.
  • Mad Jack's fingerprints: On tools at the back of the garage, both tables in the middle and in the office.
  • Size 13 footprints: On the office side of the garage, near the front and the middle.
  • Size 10 footprints: On the office side of the garage, near the front and the back.
  • Matching tire tracks: On the office side of the garage, near the back.
  • Unremarkable tire tracks: On the office side of the garage, near the front and the middle.
  • Orchid pollen: Near the engine hoist by the table farther toward the back.
  • Blood: In front of the table closer to the front and near the acid bath.
  • Skull: In the acid bath at the front of the garage, opposite the office.

Fight Mad Jack[edit]

Perfect Crime
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Perfect Crime
Let Jayden die. (Can also be done on Fish Tank.)
4 / 6 tasks
Goodbye Mad Jack
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Goodbye Mad Jack
Defeat Mad Jack in any fight you have with him.

Once you have enough clues and try to leave, or once you find the skull in the acid bath, Mad Jack will attempt to take you to the back of the garage and put a bullet in your head. If you fail the upcoming quicktime sequence, he'll do so. After playing through the sequence, if you survive, you'll be covering him with your gun while he sits with his back against some barrels. You'll have some options for getting him to talk, but Mad Jack only responds when he thinks you're crazier than he is. You can convince him by either shooting the barrel behind him, or telling him you're blow him up by shooting the gas tanks. He'll spill what he knows about the owner of the car, which is next to nothing.

At this point, you'll have a withdrawal attack and you'll need to quickly perform the indicated set of combo instructions to get your vial of triptocaine out and take a bump. If you do, you'll get yourself back under control, arresting Mad Jack and taking him back to the station for further questioning. If you don't, he'll take away the gun and throw you into a car and drop it into a crushing machine. When you come to, perform the quicktime actions to escape the car. This leads to another fight, this one much longer. Winning this fight will result in Mad Jack's death, rather than his arrest.