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You'll get to this chapter either from Jayden Blues if you weren't arrested in Fugitive, or from Under Arrest if you were. Continuing your investigation with Lauren, you'll come to talk with an old friend about what kind of typewriter could have made the address on Lauren's envelope. While you're in the shop, try to remember where everyone went and what everyone did.

Examine the address[edit]

When you get into the shop, head to the back where you'll find an old man sitting at a desk. Let him know you're there, and he'll break out some scotch to celebrate. While he's getting set up, the phone at the front desk rings, so walk over and answer it for Manfred. Go back over to your friend and have a drink with him, then hand him the envelope. He'll need the magnifying glass from the front counter, so grab that for him. He'll tell you he's identified the model and year ranges of the typewriter, and will volunteer to get you a list of people who have ordered parts or service from him after you ask about repairs and his clients. He'll go into the back room to dig up the files, and when you regain control follow him back there. You'll find that Manfred has been killed, and the killer has dialed the police, who are sure to be on the way. When you try to leave the area, Lauren will come in and see the body.

Hide the evidence[edit]

Perfect Crime
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Perfect Crime
Wipe off all the fingerprints.
2 / 6 tasks

You only have a limited time to save Shaun, and you can't be spending it getting questioned by the police, so you'll need to clean off the prints from everything you and Lauren touched in the shop. You'll start off wiping your prints from the white phone in the back, but after that you'll need to remember or find all the other places. Some places will always need to be wiped down, while others depend on what you did while you were in the shop.

Mandatory spots
  • The black phone behind the front desk.
  • The magnifying glass.
  • The white phone from the police call.
  • The shotglass you drank out of.
  • The ballerina music box.
  • The front door.
Possible other spots
  • The other shotglass and the whiskey bottle.
  • The bathroom.
  • The glass display case right in front of the door.
  • The windowsill.

When you think you've got everything, head to the door and Lauren will ask you if you got everything. If you say no, you can do some more looking around, otherwise you'll leave the shop. You'll know right away if you were successful, because you'll see a shot of Manfred's body if you wiped all the fingerprints, or a shot of one of the places you missed otherwise.

Driving home[edit]

On the way back, you'll try to convince Lauren the investigation has become too dangerous and she can't tag along with you anymore. Whatever tact you try to take with the conversation, she'll get angry and try to wrestle the steering wheel away from you. On easy this is just part of the cut scene, but in other settings you'll get quicktime instructions to tilt the controller left or right. When the car stops, Lauren will get out and you'll be able to exit and follow her after selecting a thought twice. When you catch up to her, choose any option to make up and get back into the car.

If you failed to clean off all the fingerprints in Manfred's shop, you'll be questioned by Blake at the police station, although he'll let you go.