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Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Leave your house without being spotted by the paparazzi.

Ethan is sitting at home being depressed about losing another son. At the table you must read the letter before you can leave. This is the same letter you could have read by the front door in Father and Son. It's a cryptic letter that won't prove to be very helpful, but inside the envelope is a locker ticket at a train station. You really don't have any other options, so checking the locker is your best bet. Once you've read the letter and recognized the angel statue on the ticket, you're free to move around again. The goal is to get into the car on the street in front of your house so you can drive to the station.

If you go out the front door, you'll be mobbed by journalists and it will be hard to move or see where you're going. Bear to the right as you leave your house and eventually you should make it to the car. To avoid being harassed, go out the back way and hop the fence into the neighbor's yard. From there you can walk around the side of their house to the street and get into your car without being noticed.