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In this chapter you are introduced to the final playable character, Madison Paige. There is nothing that affects the story here, it's mainly just to let you know that she is single and has insomnia. You'll need to perform a certain number of activities to trigger the second half of the chapter, and there is plenty to do around the apartment. You can check the time, turn the television off, try to sleep in your normal bed, get a drink, take a shower, etc. Eventually you'll start hearing noises and seeing shadowy figures running around your apartment. After spending enough time doing things, you'll notice the refrigerator is open. Go over and close it, and then you'll be certain that someone is in the apartment with you.

Crouched in the corner, you'll have the option to run for the front door, or run to the phone then to the front door. As you approach the door, you'll be grabbed from behind and enter a lengthy quicktime sequence. This will take you all over the apartment, and there are may times when your attacker or attackers can get the best of you. If you are able to fend them off until the very end, you'll wind up in the bathroom where another random man will slit your throat. You don't have to take the fight too seriously, as it turns out it's just a dream.