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Trial Master
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Trial Master
Succeed at the Bear trial.
1 / 5 trials

This is the first of five trials you'll have the chance to complete. Here you'll be introduced to the digitized female voice that relays your instructions in most trials, and the most common reward if you succeed: a memory card for your phone.

Find your car[edit]

You start out in a bare garage with one guy working under the only vehicle. There's literally nothing to do here except talk to the mechanic, then talk to him again. Give him your ticket, then walk over to the booth where he'll hand you the keys. At the far end of the shop you can call the elevator and take it down to the parking level. Your car is the last uncovered one at the opposite end of garage, on the left side. Even if you know where it is, you'll still need to click your remote with Circle button to unlock it, but this also flashes your lights in case you can't find your car. Get in and look to the left to uncover an instruction that will pull a packet out from the driver side door. Inside you'll find a talking GPS with touch-screen, and the voice will instruct you to get moving. Release the handbrake, put the car in drive and step on the gas to take off.

Drive your car[edit]

Good Driver
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Good Driver
Make it to your destination.
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Take the best route to your destination.
At the choices, make the following decisions:
  1. Left rstick or Right rstick
  2. Right rstick
  3. Left rstick
  4. Left rstick
  5. Right rstick
  6. Right rstick
  7. Right rstick
  8. Tilt controller right
  9. Left rstick or Right rstick

When you get to the starting point of the trial, the voice on the GPS will tell you that your challenge is to drive against traffic on the highway for five miles and make it to your destination in five minutes. Before you can start you'll have to think about what you're going to do. You can move on to the next set of thoughts only after thinking about Shaun and hope. Afterward, you'll have to accept to start the trial, or refuse if you want to give up without trying. If you accept, put the car in gear and take off.

The drive is a long series of quicktime events. Some of the instructions are limited to one option, while others give your multiple choices so you can direct which way to go. As long as you make a decision in time, any direction you choose is fine for getting you to your destination. In all the different combinations of routes, there is one designed to minimize the damage you take and inflict on others. Using this route will also earn you the Kamikaze trophy, as well as getting you to your destination and hence earning the Good Driver trophy. In most cases you'll know which is the best way, because you'll avoid hitting another car.

If you have trouble completing the trial or getting the Kamikaze trophy, which requires perfect execution in addition to the best route, set the difficulty lower. On the easiest setting you only have the Circle button and Cross button buttons in addition to controller tilts and Neutral rstick directions. On medium, Square button and Triangle button are added, and on hard you'll also get the R1 button and L1 button buttons.

Final destination[edit]

Whether you perform well or not, you'll eventually run off the road and flip your car in a big crash. Note that all the instructions are upside down, so make any direction movements in the opposite direction that it shows. If you made it to the destination, hold L1 button to tap the GPS and hear the voice tell you that the key to the glove compartment is in the GPS itself. Perform the combo instructions and bash the unit into the roof of the car with controller movements. Take the key and do another set of combo instructions to open the glove box and retrieve the memory card.

Whether you were successful in the trial or not, you'll now need to get out of the car before it explodes. Hold down the controls for another set of combo instructions to release your seatbelt, then take the left option with the controller. Tug down on the controller a couple times to kick open your door, so you can finally escape. You'll walk a little bit away from the car and look at the message you received if you got the memory card. This shows a little clip of Shaun in barred off well, and a couple letters of the address. The chapter ends with the car exploding and you stumbling away before the cops get there.