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Here Shelby has been invited to the driving range for some words of warning from Charles Kramer, Gordi's dad. He didn't appreciate you hassling his son, and wants you to lay off. There's not much to do here besides hit a couple balls with Kramer, and you may want to avoid exploring until the split screen camera goes away, as it can glitch up, preventing you from seeing what you're doing later when you're trying to hit balls.

You start your conversation with Kramer as soon as you get close enough to him, and you can pull out a club and retrieve a ball with simple motions. The gold swing is a set of combo instructions topped off by a downward tug of the controller. Unlike other combo actions, instead of waiting until all the instructions are filled up, you need to watch Shelby's real time motion to be more successful. Like many golfing games, you want to start your swing at the top of drawback with no hesitation. You'll hold R1 button and L1 button to get a grip, then Up rstick to raise your club. When you see the club head is pointing straight up, take your swing. Depending on your timing, you'll hit the ball all the way out to the 300 yard line or just barely clear the driving box.

Your last shot is just the Up rstick and the controller movement, after which you'll finish up your conversation and take off.